Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Past Few Days

Thursday was Thanksgiving and the days after that have been a blur! 

On Friday morning, we debated going Black Friday shopping.  The only place I was interested in going to was the fabric store.  Daughter gets their emails about various deals and we checked to see if there was anything I wanted, but I decided I didn't want anything.  I still have plenty of fabric in my stash and I am determined to use up the stash as much as possible before I buy more.  I am back on a fabric and yarn diet!  We spent the day relaxing and daughter did some polymer clay crafting.

On Saturday, daughter went out with a group of her friends: karaoke, dinner, and a movie.  I did two loads of laundry, cleaned out my kitchen junk drawer, and relaxed.

Sunday morning, I baked the apple dump cake and, in the afternoon, my daughter and I attended the November monthly prayer gathering, which was held at cousin V's house.  There were about 25 people at the gathering, as her husband's siblings also attended, as it was the anniversary of their mother's death, as well.  We came home around 5:30 p.m. and my daughter went to see a movie with another friend of hers.  When she came back, we had dinner and spent the rest of the evening chatting; the kind of late night chatting mothers and daughters do, reminiscing, planning, discussing hopes and dreams, etc.  In the middle of all that chatting, daughter baked us more cornbread, which we had as a midnight snack!

On Monday, both daughter and I slept in.  After we woke up, we decided it was going to be another stay-at-home and relax sort of day, as it was her last full day at home.  She finished making her polymer clay items (she's making pendents and key rings to donate to a coworker's daughter's school craft fair fund raiser).  I played on the computer a bit, and then, made milk rice and a fish curry for brunch. 

Later in the afternoon, my daughter helped me straighten out something with my new health insurance.  When I switched from active employee to retired, I kept the same insurance carrier, but, my coverage changed because the insurance was now being administered through a different agency and fund.  Somehow, even though I had requested to keep the same in-net work medical group, I had been assigned to a different IPA (Independent Practice Association), and, my oncologist's office informed me that they will need to verify with their billing department whether they accept patients from my new IPA, because they've experienced some payment problems with that IPA!
Which upset me quite a bit!  One of the main reasons why I kept the same insurance carrier was to be able to keep my same group of doctors.  I called the insurance company to ask about it, but the customer service representative I spoke with wasn't very helpful and transferred me back to the main menu of services I had reached when I first called!  I was in tears by then and my lovely daughter came to my rescue!  She called on my behalf and I was able to switch back to the previous medical group.  The customer service person who helped us the second time around was more helpful; she said the change will be made retroactive to the 1st of November, that it would take 24-48 hrs. to be updated, and a new card with the corrected information will be sent in the mail in the next 2 weeks.  Thank goodness!

Later in the evening, I paid my property taxes, took the trash cans to the curb, and watered the front garden.  Then, I made some curry puffs:

Some of the curry puffs I baked
I had some puff pastry left, so I made some mini "sausage" rolls, using some cocktail sausages I had in the freezer:

"Sausage" rolls
We had some of the curry puffs for dinner.  Daughter will take some back with her and I'll have the rest for my lunches or dinners, this week.

It is Tuesday morning, 2:22 a.m., as I type this.  Daughter is packing her bag with everything except the food items, which she'll pack before she leaves, later this afternoon.

I am grateful for:
- Daughter helping me to straighten out the insurance mess-up
- Having daughter home for 12 days
- Late night mother-daughter chats
- Lots of cuddles
- Being able to bake some of daughter's favorite things

Tuesday's To Do List:
- Bring the trash cans in
- Take daughter to the airport
- Do a load of laundry
- Do some sewing
- Clean the litter box
- Call the podiatrist's office

What have you planned for the day?


  1. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time with daughter. I'm glad she was able to help with the insurance. Sometimes they aren't too helpful and seem to want you to jump through hoops to get anything out of them, but when it comes to payment from you they are right on it. I hate dealing with them. I'm glad the second person was able to help!

    I am going to go on a crafting diet in the New Year. I have fair too much 'stuff' and I really don't need any more, so I am going to seriously limit myself (still working out realistic details)

    1. It has been lovely having her home, Sharon, and it was a blessing that she was here to help with the insurance call.

      Good luck with the crafting diet! When I went on a yarn diet, earlier, my rule was: no more new yarn, no matter how good a sale, until I used up the yarn I already had, unless absolutely needed to finish a project. I used up a lot of the yarn and then, I began to buy more for planned projects (sweaters, etc.) Now, I have at least 3 sweaters started, but not finished! So, no more new yarn until the sweaters are done!

  2. It sounds as if you had a delightful long weekend with your daughter! We've had insurance problems in the past, car and also health...all due to mistakes on the other end but it is a pain to get them to fix. I always feel that I should be getting paid to call them and tell them their mistakes and keep on pestering them until they fix them! lol. I am on a fabric diet also! Andrea

    1. It's been lovely having her home, Andrea. I'm going to miss her when she leaves, later today. I'm just glad that my daughter was here to help with the insurance matters. Good luck on your fabric diet! I am determined to get the stash down!

  3. I am so relieved the insurance is figured out now and that your daughter was still there to help you take care of it. What frustration! Whenever there is the tiniest glitch (like you not receiving confirmation when you should have), I always assume the worst. So glad it is resolved.

    What a lovely visit you had with your daughter. You have made some great memories together that will tie you over until her next visit at Christmas. After you take her to the airport, you should take the rest of the afternoon off, before knuckling down tomorrow. *laugh*

    1. Yes, Susan, it was a blessing that my daughter was there to help with the insurance hiccup. I felt overwhelmed at the thought of having to find new doctors! If I had wanted to do that, I would have gone with the other insurance option!

      It really was a lovely visit. I'm already looking forward to her next visit! Yes, I'll take it easy this afternoon. I'm going to be on a schedule for the next couple of days (I'll write more on that in a post), but today is a "free" day, time-wise. :D

  4. I'm so relieved your daughter was with you to help sort out the mix up. Those kinds of issues can be stressful and upsetting.
    It sounds like you're enjoying some lovely mother and daughter time, just hanging out together. X

    1. Yes, it was a blessing to have her here to help me. I get easily flustered by these things, these days, which is not good. One needs to remain calm and collected when dealing with insurance companies, etc.

      I've had a lovely visit with daughter. Our relationship continues to grow and evolve as she becomes more adult and I age. :)

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Jules, I deleted it as it was a duplicate of the previous comment. :)

  6. It sounds like a wonderful holiday. It's lovely to hear how close your daughter and you are. :)

    1. It was a good break for both of us, Nil. We got to spend time with each other, see family and friends, she got to go out with all her local friends, and we got some necessary shopping done.

      Thank you; yes, we are very close. I feel very blessed in that respect. :)

  7. Just reading about the problems with your health insurance is frustrating so I'm so glad your daughter was able to help sort it out. You definitely don't need that sort of stress.

    It sounds like you've had a lovely time together.

    1. I was very glad that my daughter was there to help me get the health insurance sorted out. I tend to get too stressed out by these things. I didn't used to be, but after being diagnosed with cancer, I know that having good health care is a life line!

      We did have a lovely time together, Eileen. I'm already looking forward to her visit at Christmas. :)


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