Wednesday, November 21, 2018

More Shopping on Tuesday

My daughter and I went shopping, again, today!  We started out with appliance shopping.  My washing machine and clothes dryer were bought in 1992.  The dryer quit working about 3 years ago (it still tumbles, but it doesn't heat up).  The washing machine knob to select the wash cycle and start the machine broke off several years ago, but I was able to turn the dial with my finger, so that was OK.  Then, it began to stop midway through the wash and rinse cycles, and/or between the rinse and spin cycles.  The first time that happened, I had a full tub of water left in the machine!  My neighbor E was able to get it started again, but it would happen over and over again.  I would get it going again, by lifting and closing the lid (it is a top loader) or poking a chopstick (kept nearby) to trigger the mechanism that caused it to work.  Lately, I've needed to run through the spin cycle a second time to get all the water out or, I'd have to hand wring the clothes and then, put towels on the floor under them as they dripped dry (I don't hang them outside because I don't want to risk getting any cat fleas on them from the garden cats).  My daughter has been telling me I need to replace the washer and dryer for at least the past three years, if not more.  I've known I need to buy a new washer and dryer, but I've resisted doing so.  I tend to have a stubborn, "make do" attitude, even when the money to replace appliances is there.  But, eventually, even I realized that things were getting to a point where I was being irrational!  Most people would be happy to be able to get new appliances, but for me, it is stressful.  Spending money is stressful, even when I budget for it.

Anyway, today, I selected my washer and dryer with my daughter's help.  I wanted a top loader, similar to what I already have, but slightly upgraded (no central agitator, a bigger capacity in order to be able to wash my quilts more easily) and, apparently, everything is digital now.  The washer cost $600 and the dryer cost $700; I had to pay extra for the hoses ($53 for the washer hoses; $19 for the dryer vent hose), but I got a 10% discount on the pre-tax total because I had a store card, am getting free delivery, and they waived the $25 charge to haul away the old machines (installation is included in the charges).  My total came to $1,219.  They will deliver and install on December 7.  I will, most probably, continue to air dry most of my clothes, but, it will be nice to have a working dryer, when needed and a reliable washer.

We looked at a new garage door opener, too, and got quotes on them (my garage door opener has been broken for over a year, now; opening and closing the garage door has been a bit of a song and dance routine which involves pulling out the car, closing the garage door manually, unlocking and locking the side gate, etc.)  I had gone to the store with the intention of buying a new garage door opener, but, felt overwhelmed after buying the washer and dryer, so decided to wait on the garage door opener.

We looked at space heaters, too, for daughter's room, but they didn't have a big selection.  That might be a purchase to be made closer to Christmas.

After that, my daughter insisted on buying me some clothes as her birthday gift to me!  I had been wanting another pair of black pants and after trying several pairs, I found a pair that I liked and which fitted.  My daughter insisted on buying me three pairs of black pants, even though I said two would be enough (I didn't want any of the other colors they had), as well as three sweaters, and...I cried!  I thought it was too much for her to spend on me (it all came to $110), but she insisted.  So now, I have three new outfits!  I plan to wear the plum colored sweater to Thanksgiving dinner, the teal colored one on Sunday to the November monthly prayer gathering, and the cream colored one will be for Christmas.  

Birthday Haul!

After that, we went to the Armenian grocery store to buy the chicken breasts that were on a one day special sale.  Except, by the time we got there, they had run out of their stock and they don't give rain checks.  But, we found plenty of other stuff to buy, instead!  Salmon steaks were on sale again for $4.99 and my daughter wanted some to take back with her (I will cook and freeze them for her), and she asked for curry puffs to take back, too, so I bought more frozen puff pastry and ground beef.  I also bought some fruits to take to friend A's house as our contribution to the Thanksgiving meal and I picked up some vegetables, cold cuts, and bread rolls.

11/20 Groceries

I bought:
Dried apple rings = $2.22
Dried mulberries = $3.55
Roasted chestnuts = $1.19
2 lbs. extra lean ground beef @$2.99/lb = $6.23
6 salmon steaks (3+ lbs), @ $4.99/lb = $18.51
Turkey breast cold cuts (11 oz) = $1.99
Red onion @$.39/lb = $.16 (they had been $.79 each, at the store we went to, yesterday!)
Zucchini @$.39/lb = $.42
Okra @$1.99/lb = $.62 (bought just enough for myself, since my daughter doesn't like them)
Honeydew melon @$.25/lb = $.88
Red pears @ $.99/lb = $.98
Black grapes @$.99/lb = $2.25
Tangerines @$.79/lb = $1.04
2 packages blackberries @$.99 = $1.98
4 packages frozen puff pastry dough @$1.99 = $7.96
1 package of 6 bread rolls = $2.19
Total = $52.17

11/20 Grocery Receipt

After that, we came home, shared a turkey cold cuts sandwich, had a cup of tea, and relaxed.  My daughter took a nap and I dozed a bit, too.  Later in the evening, I called friend R to check on her.  Cousin P called, too, and we made plans to go out to lunch, tomorrow.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Birthday gifts from my daughter
- Extra pairs of black pants
- Being able to buy myself a new washer and dryer
- Evening naps
- A warm house

Tuesday's To Do List:
- Trim daughter's hair - DONE
- More shopping! - DONE
- Bring the trash cans in - DONE
- Water the garden

I didn't water the garden because the forecast said "a chance of rain" for tomorrow!  Not sure if there will be any rain or not, but I wanted to wait and see.

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Go out to lunch with cousin and her daughter
- Water the garden (if it doesn't rain)
- Bake cornbread to take to Thanksgiving dinner
- Mend one of daughter's skirts

How was your Tuesday?  What are your plans for Wednesday?


  1. You had a very busy shopping day! I had a knob break on my washer once also, and did the same thing. Also, common problem with dryers, yours surely lasted a long time! (If it is electric, you can just replace the coils). I'm sure you will enjoy your new ones though! We just bought a duraflame space heater at Lowe's and are very happy with it. We bought the one that is around $145. They had a smaller one on sale but were out of stock. Andrea

    1. Yes, it was a busy shopping day, wasn't it? I hate shopping for appliances, etc., on my own, so wait until my daughter comes home to go with me. The dryer is gas and I debated getting it repaired. But the appliances are so old, that I figured it would be best to replace them. Thank you for the information about the space heater. I will check them out. :)

  2. It's good to have a reliable washer and a dryer. I'm also saving money to buy each item because the ones that came with the house are pretty old.

    I love the colors of all three sweaters. What a nice birthday gift from your daughter.

    1. Yes, Nil; I am having to replace various things that I bought when I first bought the house or shortly thereafter. "Making do" is very good, but, after a certain point, it becomes a bit ridiculous!

      Thank you; my daughter said the colors suited me. :)

  3. I know what you mean about buying things. If they cost very much, I stress about them even when the money is there. But once I have them, I am very happy and I think you will be happy too when your washer does not require so much attention.

    1. Yes, I'm sure I'll enjoy using the new appliances, once I figure out how to work them! LOL!

  4. How lovely to get some new clothes! I'm sure your daughter really enjoyed spoiling you (after all you do the same to her sometimes and it's nice for them to have the money to be able to do it!). I'm like you, I hate spending money on new appliances like that. One time I spent half a year hand drying clothes until everyone had enough of stiff clothes! And to be honest - I'd had enough of ironing!

    1. Yes, Sharon, daughter said it was her turn to spoil me for a change! :) I've been hanging my wash to dry for several years, now. My daughter used to complain about the towels being stiff. :)

      I hope your daughter came home safely, and you are having a lovely time with her.

  5. Such a wonderful day you had with your daughter. Your new outfits look so lovely (and warm), but the fact that you found a pair of black slacks that fit and that you liked was probably the cherry on top. When you find such an item it is well worth buying multiples of them.

    You will love your new appliances. It will make your life so much easier. Yes, I know you will probably continue to hang them up to dry, but there are lots of occasions when I am sure you will be thankful that you own a new dryer.

    Too bad you missed out on the great buy of chicken breasts. It seems ironic that you should miss out on a super deal because you were somewhere else spending over $1200 on new appliances *laugh*; but it's because you search out the deals that you have the money set aside for those major purchases.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. You are blessed already in many ways and I know you are grateful every single day.

    1. Thank you, Susan. Yes, I'm glad I have multiples of the black slacks. I won't need to buy any more slacks for some time, now. :)

      I am looking forward to being able to do my laundry without wondering if I'd have to bail out the water from the washer because it has broken down!

      Yes, it was ironic that I should miss out on the sale on chicken because I was busy buying big ticket items, wasn't it? Fortunately, I'll have more opportunities to save on chicken, in the future. Hopefully, I won't need to purchase another washer and dryer for at least another 10 years.

      Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. Yes, I've a lot to be thankful for, every day.

  6. What a lovely generous gift from your daughter. Well done on buying your new washer and dryer - you remind me of my late partner who hated spending money on new white goods. As the washing machine went wrong he cobbled together a 'new' one out of spare parts from various broken machines. They always worked but were usually very noisy and everyone in the street knew when we were doing the laundry! In the end I took charge and insisted on a brand new machine.

    1. It is a gift that is much appreciated, Eileen. :) I hate spending money, so I try to make do as much as I can and for as long as I can. But, my daughter persuaded me that the time was right to get a new appliance. The next item on the replacement agenda is the garage door opener.

  7. You are like me. I hate replacing things and often will go to extremes not to. My kids will intervene when it gets too bad.

    1. I keep thinking I can make it last a little longer or do without, rather than replace! My daughter, too, has begun to intervene, pointing out how silly I am being!

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds spending money quite stressful, especially on more expensive items when there are decisions to be made. Although, if you're anything like me, I expect that once you get used to the new appliances you'll wish you'd bought them sooner :)

    1. I have become so used to saving, that it is hard for me to spend! But, working appliances are important, too, aren't they?

  9. Congratulations on your new washer and dryer! I am one to also use something until it reaches the point of no return, but I have found that things like the washer and dryer and my vehicle are tings that I need to be in working order for my household to run smoothly (my husband wears so many layers of clothes this time of year, you would not believe it, and the amount of laundry accumulated is massive at times. I am glad you were able to find what you wanted and you had your daughter's help in picking things out.

    Your new clothes are lovely! I adore the colors of your sweaters and I think your daughter is such a sweetie to treat you for your birthday! Happy Birthday to you, Bless!

    I wish you and your daughter a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

    1. Thank you, Dawn. Yes, it is important to have appliances that work properly. I replaced my car, four years ago, because the old car was unreliable (it was breaking down constantly). I replaced the fridge/freezer last year, because the old one was no longer cooling properly. The washer and dryer, this year. There are more things to repair or replace, next year!

      My daughter and I wish you and your family a happy and blessed Thanksgiving, too, Dawn.

  10. Hi Bless,
    I wanted to wish you and your daughter a very Happy Thanksgiving! And also let you know again how I much I enjoy your blog. I'm doing a lot of cooking starting tonight. I think I most enjoy the leftovers. I cook almost everyday after getting home from work. That means I don't have to cook for a few days. LOL.

    1. Thank you, Mia. My daughter and I wish you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving, too. Enjoy all the cooking and eating the leftovers! I was telling my daughter, earlier today, that I enjoy the Thanksgiving leftovers almost more than the actual meal!

  11. Congratulations on choosing a new washer and dryer. When it comes to equipment that is used in cooking or cleaning, it is best to make sure it does the job well. After all, can you imagine employing someone else to do your laundry and expecting them to go through the rigmarole of tricking the washer into performing? I can remember when we first lived here, and I was young, I needed a vacuum, but instead of shelling out for a decent one, I bought a mickey-mouse one that was only fit for quick clean-ups. I think sometimes it is our low self-esteem telling us that we don't deserve something good, that makes us hold back on spending even when we do have the money available.

    One day perhaps I should take my own advice and do something about a kitchen range with an oven door that doesn't shut properly! It drives our son nutty when he visits, but I have my own "trick" for it, as I push the lever that locks the oven (used for the self-cleaning cycle) whenever I want to bake something. It pulls the door in tightly and the only problem is that I must push a switch every time I want to open the door. Since I love my crock pot and prefer it to oven cooking, I don't use the oven a lot anyway. DH feels that there is nothing else wrong with the range so why replace it? Of course he doesn't cook!

    I'm sure your daughter got a lot of pleasure out of buying you the birthday clothes. After all, there was a time when she depended on you financially and it must feel great to be able to treat you at last. You have some lovely new outfits now to meet the holiday season!

    We have around a foot of snow already this winter and it would take a miracle for it to go away before spring! Oh well, I guess it is going to be a long winter. This afternoon I turned a couple of winter scarves into infinity scarves which will fit more warmly and not slip.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. You are right - I am the only one who can get my washer to work! My daughter has tried and given up! She would have done my laundry for me when I was under treatments, but she couldn't get the washer to work!

      Yes, you are right - my daughter said the same thing, when I protested about her spending money on me! She asked me, "Who was it who paid for my tuition through undergrad and grad school? Who paid my rent?" She insisted that it was now her turn to spoil me a bit. :)

      Wow, that's a lot of snow! Stay warm this winter! Infinity scarves are wonderful!


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