Thursday, November 1, 2018

Mile Long Fall To Do List - October Update

Back in September, I posted what I called my "Mile Long Fall To Do List".  As I stated then, it was not a Joy List, but rather, a list of all the things I wanted to get done/felt I should get done, etc.  I thought I should take a look to see what was accomplished since I published the post, before going on to November.  So, here is my end-of-October update:

Mile Long Fall To Do List:
  • Renew my driver's license - before November 11 - make appointment/fill out application online -  DONE (10/25)
  • Pay my auto insurance bill - before October 3 - go to Auto Club in person to get a receipt (they've already called me once with a "friendly reminder" that it is due on Oct. 3) - DONE
  • Pay gas bill - DONE
  • Pay utility bill - DONE
  • Pay phone bill - DONE
  • Dentist appointment 10/4 - DONE
  • Radiation oncologist appointment 10/15 - DONE
  • Doctor's appointment 10/17; 10/29 - DONE
  • Dentist appointment 10/18 - DONE
  • Podiatrist appointment 11/1 11/29
  • Oncologist appointment 11/19
  • Schedule eye exam for glasses/get glasses (preferably before current vision insurance runs out in October) - DONE
  • Schedule peripheral vision field test (when they call/or call if not heard from them in 1 month) - DONE (3/25)
  • Dust - whole house - DONE prior to prayer gathering 
  • Vacuum - whole house - DONE 
  • Mop - kitchen, my bathroom - DONE
  • Remove cobwebs - whole house - DONE
  • Clean chandelier in dining room
  • Clean light fixtures (2) in family room
  • Clean bedroom window - DONE 9/24
  • Wash bedroom curtains - DONE 9/24
  • Sew new bedroom curtains! 
  • Clean vertical blinds - family room window - DONE 10/16
  • Wash valance - family room window - DONE 10/16
  • Wash family room window - DONE 10/16
  • Clean vertical blinds - family room sliding glass door
  • Clean sliding glass door, including tracks
  • Get donations picked up - call to scheduleDONE 9/25
  • Dig out spare room/The Dump - STARTED
  • Sew quilts
  • Sew holiday gifts - STARTED
  • Host prayer gathering - DONE
  • Buy new sofa slip covers - IKEA (before prayer gathering)
  • Or, at least, wash current sofa slip covers - DONE
  • Paperwork/File/Shred
  • Call to have the outside cats spayed/neutered
  • Schedule Dancer's check up
  • Polish brassware (ideally before prayer gathering)
  • Spruce up the front garden
  • Wash kitchen cabinet fronts - STARTED
  • Buy paint for the front door
  • Paint front door
Ooh, look at all those crossed off/done items!  Maybe that's why I didn't get around to sewing the quilts!  I think I shall delete those crossed off items and redo the list for November!  What do you think?  


  1. Oh wow! It's very impressive Bless. Look at all the work you did in a month.

    1. Thank you, Nil. I am quite pleased with what I was able to accomplish, even if I didn't get somethings done before the prayer gathering. :)

  2. I know you are not calling it a joy list, but there is some serious joy just getting things accomplished. Yay you!

    1. That there is! I was very pleased to be able to cross a bunch of things off! :)

  3. Give yourself a gold star ... you've completed so many of the things on your list. Well done!

    1. Thank you, Eileen! I've given myself that gold star! :D

  4. You did great, Bless. I didn't even publish my to-do list this past month, but I will admit to you that I did NOT get as much accomplished from the list as you did. Some of that was because the weather turned. But I am sure it will still be waiting for me come Spring. Ha.

    1. Thank you, Susan. I remember feeling overwhelmed when I wrote out that list, which is the main reason why I wrote the list in the first place. All those thoughts of things I need to/should do were driving me crazy! Getting it all written down/typed up helped me. Having a list to work from is always helpful, to me. I'm sure your yard work will wait till spring. Maybe the snow might help kill off a few weed seeds, too?


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