Tuesday, November 6, 2018

November Grocery Shopping - Week 1

11/5 Groceries

I went to the dollar store, on Monday, to see if they had the scarves that daughter had found in her dollar store up there, but they didn't have them at this dollar store, here.  Instead, I picked up some groceries:

1 container of 4 assorted lettuce = $1.00
1 bottle salad dressing = $1.00
1 jar minced garlic = $1.00
1 box cheese crackers = $1.00
1 loaf multigrain bread = $1.00
4 cans mackerel in brine @$1 = $4.00
1 can pork & beans = $1.00
3 packages of 4 cans of tuna in water @$1.99/4 pack = $6.00
2 cans apple pie filling @$1 = $2.00
1 package cookies = $1.00
1 package rice cakes = $1.00
Total = $20.00

The single cans of tuna were $.99 each, but the 4 packs at $1.99 comes out to $.50 per can!  There were three such 4 packs and I bought all three.

In addition, I also bought two packages of nail polish for my daughter:

Nail Polish
Each package contained seven bottles of nail polish for $2.99 per package.  Daughter is on a nail polish kick, lately, and I foresee a manicure session in my future, when she comes down for a visit!

With the nail polish and the tax on them (no tax on food items), my total came to $26.52.

11/5 Receipt
But the nail polish is not from the grocery budget.  The total for groceries came to $20.00.

Then, today (Tuesday), I did the rest of my grocery shopping.  I went to two stores.  At the first store, I bought:

11/6 Groceries: Store 1
1 bag (12 oz) frozen green peas = $1.00
1 container flavored coffee creamer = $2.49
1 container salad dressing = $.99
1 container (12 oz) raspberries = $1.99
Total = $6.47

I also bought 3 bags of cat food @$8.99 = $26.97 (plus $2.56) = $29.53; the cat food, is not part of the grocery budget, however.

11/6 Receipt, Store 1
Later in the afternoon, I went to the Armenian store, mainly to buy the salmon steaks which were on this week's special of $4.99/lb.  I bought six salmon steaks, to share with my daughter who will be visiting later, this month.  I will cook and freeze them, so she can take some of them back with her. 

11/6 Groceries: Store 2
I bought:
3 persimmons @ $.99/lb = $1.44
1 cucumber = $.50
4 bananas @ $.49/lb = $.65
2+ lbs. green grapes @$.49/lb = $1.13
6 salmon steaks (3+lbs) @$4.99/lb = $16.14
Total = $19.86

11/6 Receipt: Store 2
Cousin P went to the Armenian store with me as she wanted to pick up a few items, as well.  So, I was able to combine grocery shopping with a little family time, as well, which was nice.

As I mentioned, my daughter will be coming down for about 10 days over Thanksgiving, so I have increased the grocery budget for November to $100.

November grocery budget = $100
Spent to date = $20 + $6.47 + $19.86 = $46.33
Balance left in the budget = $53.67

How is your November grocery budget coming along?  Have you been finding good sales with Thanksgiving specials?


  1. I haven't spent any of my November food budget yet, though I will have to order a delivery for next week. I'm still working out which meals I want to bulk cook for the freezer and that will account for part of November, December and January's budgets.

    1. I like your plan to bulk cook, Eileen. I do that to a certain extent, myself. This week, for example, I've been having some of the meatball curry that I froze after the prayer gathering. :)

  2. I haven't spent much in November because I really need to go to the grocery store. We are out of several staples. Maybe tonight.

    1. Hope you find good prices at which to stock back up, Live and Learn. I am waiting to see if flour goes on sale to buy some, but, so far, the "sale" prices are higher than the regular store brand prices!

  3. I am always amazed at what kind of groceries you and your daughter can find at the grocery store. What great buys on the canned fish. They should last you quite a while, but it was wise to buy them when you found such a good deal. They won't spoil and go to waste.

    I can see you are anticipating some fun times over Thanksgiving. You must be excited to have your daughter come for such a long visit. How does Dancer react to her home visits? Is he noticeably excited, or is he like.....whatever.

    1. I try to stock up when I find things that are at a good price. One other grocery store regularly sells the cans of tuna for $.50 a can about twice a year and I stock up, then, too. I share the cans with Dancer! :D

      Dancer loves it when my daughter comes home. He's really her cat and hers is the only lap he'll sit in, willingly. He sits outside her bathroom door and cries when she closes the door and arch his back when she pets him. But, when it is meal time, I'm still his best friend! :D

    2. I must have been half asleep when I wrote this. I meant to comment on the grocery deals you and your daughter find at the Dollar Store.

    3. LOL, I kind of thought that was what you meant, Susan. :) It's a store called the 99Cents Only store, although all items are no longer $.99 only (at one time, they were).

  4. I didn't do grocery shopping this month yet. I will this weekend because my fridge is almost empty now.
    I should check the nearby dollar store to see what they have. Haven't been there for months now.

    1. Dollar stores are interesting places. One never knows what one might find! Hope you find some good deals at your store. :)

  5. I think you made a good haul. I never shop at the dollar store here. They don't have much in the way of food. I do stock up on rice and beans there.

    1. Thank you. It depends on the dollar store, I think. There is another dollar store here but I wouldn't buy any of the food items they have there!


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