Saturday, November 17, 2018

Shopping on Friday

Today, daughter and I went to the shopping mall.  We got there around 12:30 p.m. and spent the next four hours shopping!  Almost every store was having what they called pre-Black Friday sales!  One store had 40% off the entire purchase; another store had 50% off and, if you bought for over $75, then, you could get another 10% off with the coupon they handed us as we entered the store!  The mall wasn't crowded at all, which made it pleasant to shop, but made me feel sorry for the store owners.  We went to several shops, but, I got rather tired.  My feet hurt, so I sat down as much as I could while daughter shopped.  She was looking for a gift for her best friend's birthday and winter clothes for herself:

Daughter's Clothing Haul #2
Top row: pint/grey/white hooded sweatshirt ($7.99), kitty cat sweater ($6), extra long grey cardigan ($18)
Bottom row: 2 solid colored knit tops ($4.99@), 2 printed long sleeved tunic tops ($5.99@), 2 solid colored cardigans ($5.99@)

She also bought some costume jewelry rings ($6.90):

Costume Jewelry Rings

The most expensive item was the extra long cardigan at $18.  She bought 7 items at one store and paid $45.91 with tax, for them.  The long cardigan, the kitty cat sweater, and the rings were bought at a second store and it came to $33.84 with tax. 

I tried on a few items of clothing but didn't buy anything.  

After we came home, I made us tea and daughter tried on her new clothes and treated me to a fashion show as she modeled each outfit!  LOL!  

Later in the evening, daughter went out to dinner with my neighbor S's two daughters.  These girls have grown up together and have been friends since childhood.  Daughter brought me some dinner and left with them, again, saying they were going out for coffee.

I ate some of what she brought me for my dinner, did the dishes, and made a birthday card.  I used the same pattern I used previously for another card I made:

Birthday Card
This time, I used some of the pink rhinestones I bought from the dollar store, instead of the white ones I used, earlier.  Then, I wrapped one of the robes I bought yesterday and added the birthday card - I will give it as a birthday gift to one of my aunts, tomorrow.  

By the way, since some of you wanted to see my manicure:

Today, I am grateful for:
- A fun afternoon, shopping
- Bumping into one of my former colleagues at the mall
- Free samples at the chocolate shop!
- Daughter found good bargains, again
- Daughter bringing me dinner

Friday's To Do List:
- Go shopping at the mall - DONE
- 1 load of laundry
- Alter daughter's dress
- Make a birthday card for aunt - DONE
- Decluttering
- Dishes - DONE

I'm afraid I didn't accomplish much of my to do list, today.  The shopping wore me out!

Saturday's To Do List:
- Attend aunt's birthday celebration
- 1 load of laundry
- Alter daughter's dress
- Mend a sweater
- Decluttering

How was your Friday?  Have you gone shopping lately?  Have you noticed that there are "pre-Black Friday" sales in stores in your area?


  1. No wonder you were tired Bless. Even an hour in a shopping mall tires me out. Your daughter found great deals again.

    Yesterday I went to two Habitat ReStores, and found plantation shutters at one. They are relocating, so I got it very cheap.
    I don't do Black Friday shopping so I don't know heat sales are in my area. I think the last time I was at a mall was in May. 😊

    1. It's been awhile since I last went to the mall, myself, Nil. I usually don't go if my daughter is not with me.

      That's good that you got another plantation shutter for your windows! Soon you'll have all you need. :)

  2. You nails are beautiful. Do you always keep them so shapely? We're entering the season of very dry air when my nails break easily. Sigh.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. I generally don't fuss much with my nails. I cut them all the way down, every so often and then, let them grow out. Then, when they get to be long enough to make typing difficult, I cut them off, again! My nails break when they get long, but I generally don't apply nail cream or anything. I probably should, but, don't.

  3. It is a rare occasion that I go into "shops" anymore. You might remember me mentioning that I went into WalMart a week ago, but it had been months since I was last there. I went in with a list for stocking stuffers, and that was it. I do most of my shopping through Amazon. If I am like a lot of people who prefer the convenience of on-line shopping, I can understand why retailers are having a hard time of it. But yes, to answer your question, I have noticed a lot of places offering up Pre Black Friday sales. Your daughter made out like a bandit again today. Fantastic bargains!

    Another lovely card Bless. Very feminine. Love the pink jewels with the pink florals. A very classy card design. Also love the manicure! Very hip and trendy, it looks lovely on you. Have a wonderful time at the birthday celebration.

    Are you picking up some Christmas gifts and just keeping it all hush-hush, or are you not finding anything? Now that your daughter has enough clothes to take her through TWO winters, she will have to help you find some of those 50% off bargains.

    1. I think the last time I went to the mall to shop was in the summer, when we went to buy a gift for my cousin's son's wedding. However, I prefer to shop in person, so I can see what I am buying.

      My daughter, too, prefers to shop in person, at least when it comes to clothes. Partly because she likes her clothes to feel very soft to the touch, so she likes to check the feel of the clothes before she buys them.

      I haven't picked up many Christmas gifts, yet. I really need to buckle down and get going on the gifts, don't I? Otherwise, I'll be at the grocery store on Christmas Eve, buying gift cards for everyone on my list!

  4. A brilliant haul #2 for your daughter ... she's doing well. I love your nails ... do you regularly use nail polish or is this a one-off?

    1. Yes, my daughter is trying to update her wardrobe, so she's been taking advantage of the sales. I don't do my nails on a regular basis, any more. The last time I got my nails done was in July, as a special treat, and that was the first time in at least 3 years (during my cancer treatments, my nails got discolored and I kept them cut short until the discoloration grew out).

  5. Love the manicure and I love to shop, but I don't need a thing so I don't go as often.

    1. Thank you, Kim. Good idea to stay out the shops if you don't need anything in particular. :)

  6. Your daughter is a great little shopper! Does she give lessons? I've never been very good at it but once in another country I was with a woman who had that skill and she encouraged me and I came home with some excellent purchases. I did buy a warm jacket today for a budget price. I wanted something not too expensive to wear when I scoot outside to do things in the yard when it is cold, or to wear for snowshoeing round the yard. Since I wouldn't do either while it is raining or snowing or windy, a thick black fleece jacket is fine, won't show any small smudges and will wash easily.

    Your card is very attractive, as usual. The pink rhinestones really set it off. I'm sure it will be enjoyed by the recipient.

    1. Daughter says she learned it all from me! :D When she was younger, in middle school, I used to take her clothes shopping at the end of summer for "back to school"; I'd tell her I had budgeted X amount for her clothes and would tell her she needed to buy 7-10 tops, 5 bottoms (pants or skirts), a jacket, and a pair of shoes, plus socks and undies, etc. I'd give her spending guidelines (up to $10 for tops; up to $20 for a pair of pants, $25 for a pair of shoes, etc.) She soon learned to look in the clearance racks for the best bargains and now, she won't even look at certain things that are priced above a certain amount. She doesn't care about having brand name items, so that helps, too.

      I'm glad you found a warm jacket at a good price. I'm sure you'll get plenty of wear from it!

      Thank you; I hope aunt will like the card. I had fun making it!


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