Friday, November 23, 2018

Giving Thanks on Thursday

Today was Thanksgiving Day.  A day in which to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives.  For me, they include my daughter, good health, family and friends, my home, having enough to meet all of my needs and some of my wants, and memories of loved ones who are now gone.

My day began with a phone call from Aunt C, who called to wish me and my daughter a happy Thanksgiving. 

Later, I prepared the fruit platter I was taking to my friend A's house and packed up the cornbread to be taken to Aunt T's house.

When I was getting dressed, however, I realized that I had forgotten to hem the new black pants my daughter had bought for me!  Oops!  Fortunately, I had a long black skirt my aunt T had given me, which had a pattern of scattered leaves on it which were the same color of the new plum sweater, so that's what I wore as my Thanksgiving outfit!  I discovered that the skirt was a bit too big, but it had a tie at the waist and it was fine.  I might need to take the skirt in a bit, so I'll put that in the alterations pile!

Then, in the afternoon, around 2:30 p.m., my daughter and I went to my friend A's house to share Thanksgiving lunch with her, her husband, and two daughters.  She had prepared a traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, ham, and all the usual side dishes of cranberry sauce, yams, stuffing, etc.  Before we sat down to our meal, A said a prayer and we each took a turn to say what we were thankful for.  After lunch, we sat around the table, chatting.  Friend A asked us to take some of the leftovers home with us, but I took only some fish cutlets she had made (the only Sri Lankan item on the menu) because my daughter loves cutlets and I don't make them that often (cutlets are made with a fish or ground beef that has been mixed with mashed potatoes and onion, dipped in batter, then rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried).

Around 6:00 p.m., we left A's house to go to aunt T's Thanksgiving dinner.  This was a larger gathering of about 25 people; all family, including some of the extended family (aunt T's son-in-law's siblings and their spouses; aunt T's grandson's wife's twin sister and two cousins, etc.)  Aunt had bought the ham, her older daughter (cousin V) had prepared her specialty roast beef as well as baked salmon, aunt's younger daughter (cousin R) had prepared the roast turkey, and other family members brought the various side dishes - salads, macaroni and cheese, scalloped potatoes, etc. 

It was nice to see everyone, and there was music and dancing, as well.  But, around 9:00 p.m., I was feeling tired, so daughter and I took our leave.  Cousin V urged me to take some leftovers home and, this time, I took a little ham, roast beef, and turkey, as well as some bread rolls.  Daughter and I will have sandwiches, tomorrow. 

We've been relaxing since we got home.  I responded to a couple of blog comments, exchanged emails with a friend, and have just made us a cup of tea.

Today, I am grateful for:
- My many blessings
- Each morning that I wake up, alive and relatively well
- Having my daughter home with me for Thanksgiving
- Being able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and friends
- My blog friends - I appreciate you taking the time in your busy days to read and comment on my blog.  You have all been very kind and considerate when commenting, too, and supportive.  I know that some who used to comment have stopped doing so, maybe they've stopped reading my blog, but I am grateful I had the opportunity to hear from them when they did comment.

Friday's To Do List:
- Hem the new pairs of pants/slacks
- Decluttering

What are your plans for Friday?  Do you plan to do any Black Friday shopping? 


  1. Friday morning is admin morning and once that's finished I don't have any other plans for the day, so it'll be reading, blogging and maybe a bit more sorting out.

    It sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday.

    1. I hope your admin work went well and you are having a wonderful, relaxing rest of the day. Any plans for the weekend?

  2. You certainly had a good day of a lot of food and family. But I'm sure the best was getting to spend it all with your daughter. I spent the day with my husband's family, including my two sons. Always a treat. We had a lot of fun watching the entertainment for the day--my 11 month old niece who was full of curiosity for everything.

    1. You are right, Live and Learn; the best part was having my daughter share the day with me. :)

      It sounds like you had a good day, too. Always such fun to see little ones take in all the new experiences. :) Hope you are having a relaxed day, today, and a lovely weekend.

  3. This was a regular week for us, being in Canada, and a good one on the whole, since I have had two visits with friends and we are going for breakfast with friends in the morning. Much to be thankful for, even if Thanksgiving for us was in October.

    I was calculating today that the great expense of all the bird and squirrel food I buy is still not as much as we might pay for dog or cat food and vet bills. I was going to write that no one wakes us up for food or to be let out, but we have sometimes heard a blue jay quite early, squawking on the shrub for his peanut. My wild pets are relatively cheap to enjoy, except when something gets chewed and has to be replaced or they die under the rear car seat (years ago, an old car fortunately).

    1. Bushlady, I'm glad you've had a fun week with visits with friends sprinkled throughout. I'm sure your bags of birdseed and peanuts, etc., add up, especially over winter, but, I'm sure the birds and squirrels appreciate you feeding them. My garden cats are becoming a bit of an expense, too, as I seem to go through a 13 lb. bag of cat food a week, but I don't have the heart to stop feeding them. They seem to depend on it (although, I'm sure they'll find another house to go to if I stop!)

  4. You had another wonderful day with your daughter, other family members and friends and that is what the day is all about. I was busily putting up Christmas decorations today and more deep cleaning in the computer room. One of the things I "accomplished" was that I actually removed all the keys on my computer keyboard and cleaned very thoroughly with q-tips dampened with rubbing alcohol. I have done this before; however, I must not have been as careful this time because after everything was put back together, I lost function in my asdf keys. I didn't discover this until I went to respond to you Bless. My SIL went out to WalMart the same evening as he arrived and bought me a new keyboard. Have I mentioned how lucky I feel lately?

    1. Susan, you are a brave woman to remove the keys to clean your keyboard! I don't know anything about cleaning my computer and wouldn't dare to try! I'm glad your SIL bought you a new keyboard to replace yours! Otherwise, you'd have to set up a code and use "qwer" to replace "asdf" and we'd have to play detectives! :D


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