Saturday, November 3, 2018

Revised Mile Long Fall To Do List

I have revised the Fall Mile Long To Do list for November, deleting those items that were accomplished in October and adding one or two new items to the list for November.

Mile Long Fall To Do List:
  • Pay bills (auto club membership renewal, gas bill)
  • Pay property taxes
  • Do lab tests prior to oncologist appointment
  • Oncologist appointment 11/19
  • Podiatrist appointment 11/29
  • Clean chandelier in dining room
  • Clean light fixtures (2) in family room
  • Sew new bedroom curtains
  • Clean vertical blinds - family room sliding glass door
  • Clean sliding glass door, including tracks
  • Dig out spare room/The Dump 
  • Sew quilts
  • Sew holiday gifts
  • Buy new sofa slip covers - IKEA 
  • Paperwork/File/Shred
  • Call to have the outside cats spayed/neutered
  • Schedule Dancer's check up
  • Polish brassware
  • Polish silverware
  • Spruce up the front garden
  • Wash kitchen cabinet fronts
  • Buy paint for the front door
  • Paint front door
  • Declutter
  • Trip to the Sri Lankan store (before the almsgiving)
  • Call relatives in Texas


  1. Replies
    1. LOL! You are anything but lazy! I know you have plenty of things that you get done during the course of your days.

  2. You must have added quite a few new items because with all you accomplished last month, this list should only have been a third of a mile long. To me, it seems even longer than October's list.

    1. No, I added just 7 new items to the list. Everything else was carried over from the previous list! LOL.

  3. Good for you, planning to have the outdoor cats spayed/neutered. It is so important, isn't it, to prevent the increase of feral cats, indeed regular pets, too, so that there are fewer unwanted animals around. We once lived next door to someone who was always taking her dog's latest litter of puppies to the shelter, instead of dealing with the root cause.
    It has been another drizzly, chilly day and now we have gusty winds blowing in the darkness. It's a good night to be indoors, and looking at photos of your garden again!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I really must make that phone call - the longer I delay it, the more opportunities those cats have to multiply! Just last night I heard a commotion and saw a neighbor's (unfixed) male cat hanging around. Not a good sign!

      Yes, sounds like a very good night to stay home and relax! I wouldn't mind a little of your rain, however. Soon you'll have more garden pictures to look at. :)

  4. Good luck with the list, Bless.
    I hope you will get everything done. I'm excited to see your new quilt. 😊
    I decluttered 4 items so far. So far so good. :)

    1. Thanks, Nil. I already did one item on the list, today. :)

      Well done on the decluttering! I am doing a couple of items a day. It all adds up.

  5. I am so glad you published this. I need to get my tail in gear and get things in order__pronto. Guests are coming in a week and a half. I think I am going to post mine just to keep me accountable to someone other than me. But I might do a daily one rather than for the month.

    1. Glad it helps, Anne. I can only imagine just how busy you must be! Yes, a daily list would be helpful, I'm sure, to prepare for the guests and the upcoming events.


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