Saturday, November 3, 2018

Catching Up In Between Tours of the Garden

One of the reasons why I blog about my daily activities is, if I don't, then, I forget what I did, since I don't keep a separate journal, anymore!  I've been doing my monthly posts - updating my monthly goals, my monthly decluttering, etc., for the past couple of days and now, I can't remember what I did from October 31, onwards!  LOL!  Which just goes to show just how memorable the majority of my days are!

Hm, let's see.

Wednesday, October 31, Halloween - I spent a restful, relaxed day at home.  I slept in, did a bit of decluttering in the spare room, updated my monthly goals list, etc.  Friend R called in the evening and it looks like we'll be going out to lunch on my birthday!  Aunt C called too, later in the evening, to ask how my Halloween was.  I didn't celebrate it, this year; I didn't decorate, as such (only put the Halloween table runner on the coffee table) and didn't buy any candy, which was a good thing because I didn't hear any children out trick-or-treating in my neighborhood (had there been any kids and they had come to my door, I'd have given them some of the peppermint candies I keep on hand)

But, I managed to give myself a bit of a scare, later in the night!  I had made coconut roti (flatbread) for my dinner and eaten it with beef curry from the freezer.  Later in the night, as I was saying my nightly prayers, I felt like I had something stuck in my throat.  I thought maybe a piece of the roti, so I drank a glass of water to, hopefully, flush it down.  Except, it was still there.  Then, I gargled, and, in doing so, ended throwing up!  Even so, whatever it was didn't dislodge.  Then, I scared myself thinking that, maybe, I swallowed a shard of glass from earlier, when I broke one of my glasses - that a tiny piece might have fallen into my glass of water, which I keep on the kitchen counter, to remind me to drink water.  Of course, had it been a piece of glass, then, there might have been some streaks of blood when I gargled, but there hadn't been.  I wasn't choking or anything - I just felt there was something stuck to the lining of my esophagus, whenever I swallowed.  I had forgotten my mother used to say to eat a piece of bread when something like a fish bone is stuck in your throat, as that would help to dislodge it.  Instead, I swallowed half a teaspoon of honey thinking it might help, sat up for a bit (to let gravity do its thing), did some decluttering to while away the time and take my mind off the possibility of having swallowed a piece of glass, and went to bed, eventually, convinced that what had happened was scratching my throat when I ate the roti (maybe I didn't chew it enough before I swallowed it).

Dancer, too, got "tricked" and given his flea medications (which he did NOT like), but, afterwards, he was "treated" to a catnip sock (an old sock with a bit of catnip tied in the toe), which he likes, very much!  LOL.

On Thursday, November 1, my throat felt better, but there was still the feeling of something still stuck in my throat when I swallowed.  I ignored it, as I was still able to eat and drink without any problem.  But I avoided the leftover roti and had fruits and a turkey pot pie, instead!  I called the Sri Lankan store to find out if they had my tea and they said they had it in stock; I shall go there this weekend or on Monday to buy the tea and also, a few other items for the almsgiving, including a new packet of red rice.  I took my garden pictures on Thursday and, later in the evening, took pictures of the gorgeous sunset, although my cell phone camera didn't do justice to the colors I saw:

Sunset: November 1
It was much more vivid in real life.

Much later, that night, I remembered my mother telling me about eating bread when something was stuck in your throat!  I ate a slice of bread and butter, and everything felt fine!  No more sensation of something stuck in my throat!  Whatever it was, went away after I ate the bread!  Thank goodness!

On Friday, November 2, I slept in, then, spent the rest of the morning and the better part of the afternoon, writing my garden tour blog post!  LOL!  In the afternoon, I did a bit of dusting - the living room, dining room, and family room all got dusted.  It's amazing how quickly that can be done when the horizontal surfaces are mostly clear!  I had already dusted the living room and dining room on Tuesday, prior to the piano tuner's visit, so there wasn't a lot of dust, but I am trying to keep things maintained.

I also decanted the laundry detergent into the jar I keep it in and, since I want to see if I can actually get 30 loads from the 42 oz. box of detergent (that's what it said on the box), I made myself a label and attached a pen so I can check off each load as I go:

Laundry Detergent
Going to keep track to see how it works out.  The container is recycled - it originally held red rice.

Friend M came by to do the garden in the early evening.  He at once noticed the new plants and was pleased that I had planted them, myself, instead of waiting for him to plant them.  He recognized that that was a sign that I was recovering and feeling more like my old self.  I had been told not to garden when I was undergoing chemo, due to the risk of infection from the bacteria in the soil (especially with garden cats around) and I didn't feel up to doing much, afterwards, either.  He did a bit of cleaning up in the front yard and watered the garden for me.  I showed him the overgrown backyard, especially the "grove" of curry leaf plants, and told him I hated to cut down the plants that seem to be thriving and he said, very logically, "Then, don't"!  LOL!  It will look better once the plants have grown a bit taller and become more tree like, I suppose.  I might even be able to have a bit of shade in that part of the garden and grow some shade loving plants!

While he was working on the garden, I visited neighbor T, very briefly.  She is recovering well after her surgery.

Later in the evening, I went to the temple to attend the Friday night meditation session.  I didn't stay for the discussion, however, and left during the break.  On the way home, I almost met with an accident and just managed to avoid being hit by another car as I was making a turn!  Thank goodness for good brakes!

Came home and made fried rice for dinner, using up some leftover rice, half a rasher of leftover bacon, an egg and a bit of shredded lettuce.  Brunch had been a cheese sandwich and I ate some grapes after dinner, for dessert.  I felt like eating another slice of bread before I went to bed, but I managed to resist the temptation to have a late night snack.

Aunt T called while I was making the fried rice and I chatted with her for a bit.  Later, I video chatted with my daughter.

Yesterday's decluttering - two books from my bookshelves.  They were bought when I was a member of a mail order "Book of the Month" club, before I had access to all the information one finds on the internet, these days.  I used to belong to several mail order book clubs - crafts books, cook books, and history books.  I cancelled my membership several years ago, but I am only now letting go of the books I bought!

Books to be donated

In the past few days, I have been grateful for:
- Dislodging whatever it was that was stuck in my throat!
- Seeing a gorgeous sunset
- The plants thriving in my garden
- Neighbor T is recovering well
- The accident that didn't happen on my way home from temple, last night

Today, November 3, I slept in.  After I got up and opened the windows (another, sunny, warm day - in the upper 80s), fed the cats, etc., but before I had my morning coffee, I checked my fasting blood sugar; it was 116, which, according to what my doctors have told me is good; I need to aim for between 110 and 120 for fasting.  Then, I had my coffee and chatted with my daughter for a bit.

She went to the dollar store for her weekly groceries and found a couple of other items, as well, including a scarf, which was priced $1.99.  She said it caught her eye because of the color (her favorite dusty pink) and decided to buy it because it felt soft, which is a big requirement for her.  Then, she checked the tag and it was a brand she had heard of - Topshop.  I'm not familiar with that brand, myself, but, if she finds something soft enough for her to buy for herself, then I know for sure that they are soft!  I had her go back and buy a few more scarves for me, which she did.  I've my own personal shopper!  LOL!  She'll bring them down, when she visits later this month.  I think I found a few more holiday gifts to add to my stash!

In the afternoon, I called my aunt in Texas and spoke with her.  She is my stepfather's younger sister (the youngest of his four sisters).  It's been awhile since I last spoke with her and she was so happy that I called.  She updated me with all the news from that side of the family and reminded me that there's an open invitation for me and my daughter to come and visit any time (I'll have to coordinate such a visit with her niece with whom she lives, but, this step-cousin had already issued a similar invitation to me, when she heard that I had retired, so that should not be a problem).

Breakfast was a banana and later, I had two more of the coconut roti with curry and sambol for a late lunch.  I made sure to chew well before I swallowed and that worked well!  Nothing got stuck in my throat!  LOL.  Mindful eating!  How often do we gulp whatever we are eating without paying much attention to what we are eating?  I am so guilty of doing just that!  I tend to eat too fast, which is not a good thing.  I had a cup of tea in the evening and didn't feel hungry for dinner, so just ate some fresh pineapple that I cut, today, and some cheese.  Maybe I should have had a salad, instead - this is the picture of my daughter's lunch, that she sent me:

Daughter's Lunch - Today
Spinach, arugula, and radicchio, with orange bell pepper, red onion, rainbow carrots, and pistachios with mango chipotle dressing!

This was her lunch on Wednesday:

Daughter's lunch - Wednesday
Lettuce, tangerine, radish, carrots, purple cabbage, wonton strips, dry roasted edamame, with sesame vinaigrette.  She buys mixed greens or salad kits from the dollar store and adds other ingredients to them to jazz it up.  She likes her veggies - not at all like her mother!

Today's decluttering - three magazines (from 2017) that friend M gave me to read and recycle.  I have a problem recycling magazines because I don't mind re-reading and looking at the pictures, over and over again!  But, I'll pass them along for someone else to enjoy.

11/3 decluttering

Today, I am grateful for:
- A relaxed and restful Saturday
- Phone chat with my aunt
- Daughter finding bargains at the dollar store and being my personal shopper!
- A sunny, warm day
- A working dishwasher

I didn't make a To Do List for today.  But I did the dishes, washing some items by hand and putting the rest in the dishwasher.  Then, I wiped the stove top (there was evidence of yesterday's fried rice, as I tend to be a messy cook) and the counters.

I don't think I'll make a list for tomorrow, either.  Instead, I'll work on one or two items from the Mile Long To Do List!

How is your weekend coming along?  What have you planned for tomorrow?


  1. It's very early on Sunday morning here (guess who woke me!)and I'm having a blog catch up.
    I'm relieved that whatever was caught in your throat has gone now. Something like that can be so irritating, and in your case worrying, thinking it could be broken glass.
    Your sunset picture is beautiful. What a glorious evening it must have been. I understand what you mean about your picture not doing it justice though. I often feel that way about the photographs I take, especially where such vibrant colours are concerned. X

    1. Good morning, Jules. It's very early, Sunday morning, here, too! I just finished video chatting with my daughter. :)

      Yes, the thought of broken glass was a bit worrying! But, I don't think that's what it was!

      I hope you have a lovely Sunday and enjoy your blog reading time. Take care.

  2. That was scary feeling you had something stuck in your throat so I'm glad to read that you got it sorted.

    Your daughter's salads look so inviting. She should write a food blog!

    1. Thanks, Eileen; I was a bit worried thinking it might be a piece of glass!

      Her salads do look good, don't they? She posts them on instagram, but I'll suggest the food blog to her. She'll get a kick out of that! :D

  3. Our mother's always had a lot of wisdom that they shared, didn't they? My mother told me about the piece of bread also, but I've never tried it. Good to know that it works.

    1. Yes they did and this particular bit of wisdom worked! I just wish I had remembered it, earlier!

  4. Such a good start on the decluttering...already. I haven't started yet, so I will have to do a catch-up one of these days soon. Today is a sunny day. Yay! I am enjoying the warm rays coming through the window. Now that my weekend project is done, I can return my attentions to making Christmas gifts and cards. All of the grand kids' Advent calendar gifts are wrapped and accounted for and just need to be packaged up for shipping/ delivering. But before I do that, I would like to have my "big kids" stocking stuffers wrapped so they can go out at the same time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. Glad to hear the rain has ceased and you have sunshine, Susan. You can declutter after the Christmas gifts and cards are done and you have a bit more time. Hope you get a good start on those big kids gifts!

  5. I love the sunset! It is so pretty. We have rain here today, but I'm glad. The summer was very dry, and the only way Oregon stays green is all this rain!

    I'm glad your throat issue cleared up. That must have been scary.

    Well, we are off to church, then to my sister's for dinner. Then, we have my nephew this afternoon--busy day, but a good one.

    1. It was a glorious sunset, Becky. Enjoy the rain and send some of it our way! We could do with a bit of rain, ourselves.

      I hope you have a blessed Sunday and thank you, so much, for taking the time out from your busy day to read and comment on my blog. :)

  6. I blog for all the same reasons you do. It is my journal. What did I do with my time?

    1. It's nice to look back and be able to see how we spent our days, isn't it? Hope you are having a good day, today, and all is well with you.

  7. It's a beautiful sunset.
    Maybe you can place a small bench or a chair and a table under overgrown curry leaf trees and make it a nice sitting area. :)

    I'm glad to hear that you missed an accident. Both my sisters had accidents within last three weeks. Fortunately they were not hurt, but it was a hassle to get the cars repaired, go through insurance, police etc. Careless drivers are everywhere.

    1. Thank you, Nil. I used to have a patio table and chairs, outside, but the table broke and I put the chairs in the garage! But it is a nice place to sit and relax.

      I'm glad to hear that your sisters are OK! Accidents are such scary things and so much trouble to sort out, afterwards.

  8. I think that is one of the most beautiful photographs of a sunset that I have ever seen. It would make a lovely picture if you had it enlarged and found a suitable frame, or you could have it printed on a frame-less canvas. (Now there's an idea for a Christmas gift!)

    I am going to remember your mother's advice re. the bread and butter if ever I feel that something is stuck in my throat (after ensuring that it isn't a medical issue, of course). I'm glad it worked for you.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. It was a lovely sunset. Thank you for the gift idea!

  9. Thank you for bringing back loving memories of my own Mama. She, too,always told me to eat bread to get something all the way down. It's amazing how it works so well. I have passed it along to my husband. He actually got a small piece of cheese stuck in his throat last night, and it scared the mess out of him. Of course, I forgot the bread because he was freaking out so I stood beside him to make sure I was still hearing noise. He knows I am trained in First Aid/CPR so I could have intervened had he stopped making noise. Thank goodness I only had to reassure him to keep coughing and it finally came out!

    1. Lovely to hear from you, again, Joy. :) Glad to hear that your husband was able to dislodge the cheese and your training didn't have to be put into effect!


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