Sunday, February 4, 2018

Saturday at Home

Today, I slept in and caught up on my sleep!  Then, I spent the rest of the morning and the afternoon relaxing, watching TV, and blogging!  

In between, I cleaned the living room, dusting the shelving and furniture, wiping the collectibles, and rearranging some of them as I tried to decide if I should declutter some of them and, if so, which ones.  
I also called Aunt C and spoke with both her and her daughter, my cousin C, who answered the phone; apparently, aunt is still having a cough and is on a different medication prescribed by the doctor.
I had thought of going grocery shopping, today, but didn't.  Instead, I pulled out more items from the freezer for my lunch: curried meatballs, green beans, and lentils.  I had to make more gravy for the meatballs, but that wasn't a problem, and I had leftover rice in the fridge.
There are more leftover meatball curry and lentils for another meal (and more green beans in the freezer).

I also pulled out a package of leftover roast chicken that I had frozen and made a pot of soup with it for dinner.  I added onions, celery, tomatoes, asparagus (very few as that was all I had in the freezer), and carrots to the soup:
Dinner: Chicken Soup
There's enough soup for several more bowls, during the week.

I made some sauted apples for dessert, but I didn't take a picture of that.

I also washed the dishes and wiped down the kitchen counters.  I was able to keep the kitchen counters relatively clear all week, which was a big achievement for me!  I still have too many things out on my counters, and I am working on it, but certain items will always be on my counters, I suppose - the toaster, the microwave, the rice cooker, daughter's coffee maker, the stone mortar and pestle, for example.  But, there are some other items that need to find a home in the cabinets, eventually, when I've decluttered the cabinets!    

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to sleep in on a Saturday morning
- A sunny and warm day (84F)
- Being able to stay home and relax
- Being able to do some deep cleaning in the living room
- Being able to make lunch and dinner with items on hand.

How was your Saturday?  What have you planned for Sunday?


  1. Sounds very industrious, Bless! I do love a day spent wholly at home. For one reason or another it doesn't happen all that often but I really appreciate it when it does. I'm always grateful for a lie-in!

    1. Well, I tried to get in some housework to counter balance all the time I spent on the computer, relaxing, yesterday! I do like sleeping in and staying home when I can!

  2. Since we moved, I've not yet figured out a good place to store all of the counter top things. I rearranged the pantry hoping to find some space, but didn't. However, things are arranged so I can see what's in there better. I guess that's progress. Good luck with your kitchen decluttering.

    1. I hope you find a good place for all your counter top things, Live and Learn. I used to store some of these items in the garage, but that wasn't quite as convenient (plus, the garage is a dusty place). I think I need to declutter the pass-through, so I could store one or two items there. And really reconsider some of my small appliances!

  3. A good Saturday and nice to have some yummy chicken soup for dinner and for the upcoming week. Feeling lazy I made potato soup in the crockpot. Delicious and enough for several lunches.

    Managed a very short walk but as the day went on it became very windy and cold. Stayed in reading and passed time on Youtube 😊

    1. Sandy, potato soup used to be a favorite with my mother! I haven't made it in some time. Glad you were able to get a short walk before it got too cold and windy. I can easily spend hours watching stuff on Youtube! So many things to watch and listen to!

  4. I'm glad you got some sleep! And where there's a "I don't feel like going shopping today" there's a "let's dig into the freezer and see what I could use up!". You certainly were able to make delicious meals with what you have on hand! Well done, Bless.

    1. Thank you, Nathalie. Ha, ha, it's called "Bless gets resourceful"! :) I finished the chicken salad, today, at lunch. It was very good, even if I say so myself.


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