Sunday, February 11, 2018

Restful Weekend

I had planned to get a few things done, this weekend, but it was not to be.

On Saturday, I woke up to an overcast day, feeling a little tired and decided to take it easy in the morning.  I was still planning to go grocery shopping, etc., in the afternoon, but, in the afternoon, I experienced one of those ocular migraines that I get, occasionally.  This was followed by a headache that didn't go away until much later, after I took a Tylenol, drank extra water, and rested. 

The lady who leads the monthly prayer group called to let me know that she's hosting this month's prayer gathering at her house, next Sunday.  My friend R called and we chatted for a bit.  I also received an email from one of my long-time friends, which was nice.

Later, I washed the dishes - a load in the dishwasher and the rest (pots and pans, etc.) by hand.

Brunch had been a scrambled egg, a fresh orange from the tree, and a slice of panettone; dinner was pasta with shrimp curry and cucumber salad.   An apple and chocolate-hazelnut spread for dessert.  Later in the night, I wanted a savory snack, so I made a batch of cheese "crackers":

Cheese "crackers"
I didn't use a recipe, but mixed about half a cup of flour, about two ounces of margarine (half of a stick), grated into the flour, about the same amount of grated cheese, some salt and a little chili powder, and enough water to make a dough which I rolled out on a floured surface, pricked with a fork, cut into rectangles and baked at 350F for about 12 minutes.  I probably should have added an egg yolk to the dough because the "crackers" came out a little too hard, but they satisfied the craving I had for a savory snack; the rest of the crackers are in a container, to be snacked on during the week.

I could have gone grocery shopping, today, but decided to stay home and relax, instead.  I put away the washed dishes from yesterday, watched coverage of the Olympics games, did a load of laundry (a quilt from daughter's bed), and knitted more hats for the American Heart Association.

My neighbor T didn't call me in the morning, as usual, so I called her in the evening.  Another friend called to ask if I was going to the prayer gathering, next weekend, and, if so, could I give her a ride.  I told her that I was planning to attend, but I will confirm closer to the date.

Brunch was sauted garbanzo beans (from the freezer) and another fresh orange from the garden; chicken and vegetable soup for dinner with a slice of panettone.   

Even if I didn't go grocery shopping, my daughter did:

Daughter's Grocery Shopping
She went to the dollar store, again, and bought:
4 cans of garbanzo beans
1 package instant noodles
1 package of 6 K-cups
3 pouches of freeze dried peaches
1 small can of condensed milk
1 bag of potatoes
1 bag of salad
2 plantains
1 bag of tangerines
1 can of coconut cream
1 can of something in tomato sauce (she told me what it was, but I forgot!)

She said her total came to $17 something (under $18); later in the week, she will go to Trader Joe's for milk or half and half.

This weekend, I am grateful for:
- Being able to stay home and relax
- Fresh oranges from the garden
- The headache went away, eventually
- An email from my friend
- Chatting with my daughter

I have the day off from work, tomorrow, so I plan to run all my errands, then.

How was your weekend?  Do you sometimes make plans and have them all fly out the window because you don't feel up to doing anything?


  1. So sorry to hear about the terrible ocular migraine. Wise to stay home. You ate well even though you didn't go grocery shopping and as you say can go today Monday.

    For your daughter to be able to purchase fruit and veg at the dollar store is amazing. As a point of reference I just purchased a 3# Mandarins $5.99

    Often my cooking plans fly out the window as the day goes on. Because I try to give my hubby a good meal I now often do much of the prep work early on and that makes it a bit easier for that not to happen. If it was just me I'd be happy with very simple food.

    1. Thank you, Sandy. I don't get those ocular migrations all that often, but when I do, it seems to be an indication I've pushed myself a bit too much.

      Doing the meal prep earlier in the day is a good idea. I had an aunt who used to cook the day's meals first thing in the morning. She said it freed up the rest of her day!

  2. I'm glad your migraine went away!

    You were very smart to make your own cheese crackers after that. I think I would have used the excuse of the migraine to just lie down on the couch all day. I keep on thinking "Oh I should make my own English muffins" or "maybe I should try to make my own crackers" but in the end I look at the price tag at Aldi vs the effort (and dirty dishes) to make my own and Aldi always wins, lol. So kudos to you. Especially without a recipe in front of you.

    1. Nathalie, I had a recipe at the back of my mind, because I used to make these cheese crackers all the time, at one time. I need to dig up the recipe and check, but I think, it called for an egg yolk. :)

  3. What a pity about the migraine as it not only altered your plans but you had to put up with it!
    I have sometimes intended to go out and shop but then feel tired and just can't face getting the car out and going to the store. Usually when that happens I can find enough food for a good meal for us so it is not a big deal to delay the shopping.
    This morning was sunny and I saw "diamonds" sparkling on the snow. What a beautiful world we live in!

    1. Bushlady, as headaches go, it wasn't too bad, but I didn't feel like overexerting myself after that. There was definitely no urgency to go grocery shopping - plenty of food on hand.

      The "diamonds" on the snow sounds beautiful! I am glad you were able to see the beauty in it.

  4. It sounds like you needed a weekend at home to rest. I really am sorry about your migraine. I get the same kind and they are definitely not fun. I'm always amazed at some of the things that can be found at the Dollar store.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I think the weekend at home was just what I needed. I love the dollar stores!

  5. "Do I ever make plans for the weekend to have them fly out the window??" It seems like it happens ALL the time. *laugh*
    I remember commenting about all of your plans and hoping that you would be able to make time for you. In the end, your body quite insisted upon it. The weekends are in fact meant to be used for relaxation....a time to refresh and regroup.
    I am also amazed at all the fresh stuff your daughter can find at the Dollar Store. Our stores only carry canned and prepared shelf staples.

    1. Susan, I know you commented about it and hoped I'd take some time to rest, as well. And that's exactly what I did! The dollar stores known as the 99Cents Only store carries fresh produce. They didn't used to, but now, they do (although some of their items are no longer $.99 cents, only!)


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