Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Windy Monday

Today, the winds known as the Santa Ana winds are blowing - strong gusts of winds which remind me that I haven't done anything about the eucalyptus tree!  
I had the day off from work, today.  I had thought of running a few errands, but decided to stay home and get to a few things around the house, instead.
In the morning, I boiled the garbanzo beans that had been soaking overnight and then, sauted them with diced onions, mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chilies, etc.
Sauted Garbanzo Beans
I filled two quart sized bags and froze them until needed for the almsgiving. 

I also did a little tidying in my daughter's room and cleaned the kitchen a bit as white cabinets and appliances tend to show every drip and splatter!  Then, I took out the trash cans. 

One of my neighbors came over and fixed the leaky toilet and replaced the faulty thermostat for me.  He needed to get one additional item, a metal hose, for the toilet because the connector, which is plastic, on the old hose broke when he tightened it!  But I now have a toilet that is not constantly running (I had turned off the water to it, so it wasn't wasting water while I was waiting to have it repaired) and a thermostat that actually works!

I also received the referral authorization for the surgery to remove the port, in today's mail.  I will call the hospital tomorrow and see when it can be scheduled.  Most probably, it will be after the holidays, as there are pre-op screenings, etc., that will need to be done.
Also, today, I received my first greeting card of the season from one of my nieces and her family.  She sends me New Year's greetings for good health and happiness.  It is a reminder that I need to get my greeting cards written, addressed, and mailed!  Especially the ones going to family and friends who are overseas.
Today, I am grateful for:
- Good neighbors who are willing and able to help
- A properly working thermostat
- A non-leaky toilet
- Video chatting with daughter
- The referral for the surgery has been authorized

How was your day?  Are you managing to keep warm as the weather turns cold? 


  1. Getting your port out. Yay! That really signifies that things are going well.

    1. Thanks, Live and Learn. I'm looking forward to having this all behind me. :)

  2. Much to be grateful for Bless, and hopefully once the port is removed you will feel more comfortable. I'm pleased you got the toilet and thermostat sorted. You have very kind neighbours.
    It's always a joy to receive the first greetings card of the season. I received mine yesterday. X

    1. Definitely much for which to be grateful, Jules. I try to tell myself that, every day! No matter what the frustrations of the day may be, there are many blessings.

      Is Lily getting excited about the upcoming holidays?

    2. She is so excited Bless. She just loves the magic of the Christmas season. X

    3. I hope she never loses that feeling of magic, Jules. I wish you both the best Christmas, ever.

  3. Those garbanzos look delicious! I am so glad your toilet and thermostat are now working. You do have great friends and neighbors!

    1. Thank you, Debbie. Yes, I am blessed with some lovely friends and neighbors!


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