Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cold Wednesday

This morning, when I stepped outside to go to my car (it is parked in the garage, but my garage is a detached garage), I realized that winter has arrived!  It was cold for us - about 50F.  
I went to the office and had a productive day.  In the afternoon, I received a text from the pharmacy that the medications my primary care PA had called in were ready for pick up.  So, I went to the pharmacy, again, after work.  Again, there was no problem getting my medications!  
After that, I went to the dollar store, next door to the pharmacy, to look around, but I didn't buy anything.  I want to buy a calendar for next year, but this store didn't have the kind I am looking for, with the large grid, where the spaces for each day are big enough to write in more than one appointment.  I'll keep looking.

It was drizzling a little when I came home.  We haven't had any rain in a long time, so I was glad there was some precipitation, although the roads were rather slick.

My cousin had called and left a message, inviting me again to Christmas lunch at her house.  She had invited me at Thanksgiving, but she was confirming it.  I called back and left a message confirming that we'll be there and asking what she'd like me to bring for the dinner.

My aunt called, too, to check on me and to tell me again that the almsgiving went off well. 
Today, I call the service garage and made an appointment for Saturday morning to have the car serviced.

I didn't need to water the back garden because it rained.
Thursday's to do list:
- Go to the office
- Go to the farmers' market, maybe?
- Go to the bank
- Pick up daughter from the airport!
Today, I am grateful for:
- Rain, even if it was just a little bit
- The pharmacy got it right, again!
- Safe driving, especially on rain slick roads
- Cousin calling to confirm invitation to Christmas dinner
- Aunt calling to check on me
 It's Winter Solstice, tomorrow!  Are you doing anything to celebrate?


  1. We're not doing anything special tomorrow. We were invited to a winter solstice party, but it's over an hour away. We decided that we didn't want to be on the roads on a big party night, so we're not going.

    1. Sounds like a sensible decision, Live and Learn. Better to stay home and relax. I'm not doing anything special, either. Daughter is coming home, tonight, and that is enough of a celebration for me. :)

  2. I have never done anything to celebrate the solstice. I am keenly aware that it is the first day of winter (which is an odd feeling, since it has been winter now for several weeks) and that the days will now start to get longer.

    Yay! Daughter is coming home for the holidays. You must be over the moon.

    1. To be quite honest, I haven't done anything to celebrate solstice, myself. Growing up in a tropical country, where it was hot all year round and the days and nights were the same length all year round, the seasons and solstices were just things we read about but didn't really experience. We had just two seasons - dry and rainy and there were two rainy periods because we lived in a part of the country that had two monsoon seasons.

      Yes, I've been looking forward to daughter's visit home. She was able to get an earlier flight home, too! :)

  3. Two productive visits to the pharmacy - that's good. How nice that your relatives keep in touch.
    I haven't done anything to celebrate the Winter Solstice (it's Thursday as I write), but I am happy to know that the days will begin to lengthen.
    I hope your daughter had a safe and comfortable flight.

    I was feeling somewhat better yesterday and baked a very easy fruit cake with all kinds of fruit that had to be boiled up with butter, sugar and water before the egg and flour and spices, etc. were added. It was easy and turned out well. DH went into town and I entrusted the selection of a moderately-sized turkey to him. He did well and I was glad I didn't have to rummage through all the really huge frozen ones to find ours. Today was a sunny, crisp day and I needed to catch up on some more shopping. I found it was a healthy kind of cold and I felt good for the fresh air. DH cut and brought a balsam fir in while I was out!

    1. Glad to read that you are feeling better, Bushlady. Good that you got the turkey you wanted; are your son and family coming over to Christmas lunch? I like fruit cake, but my daughter doesn't. I need to go do some shopping, myself - have planned to do so, tomorrow.

  4. 50F! It truly was the precursor to the winter season for you! Here it's been in the mid 80s and we have the AC running.

    I hope your daughter came in OK tonight. Sounds like you're gearing to have a great weekend, armed with all your needed medications (hooray), your beloved daughter and your close family members. I'm happy for you, Bless!

    1. Nathalie, I tell you, it's cold! It's 48F right now at 10:40 p.m. and going down to 41F tonight. I have the heater going full blast!

      Daughter came home, safely, thank you. She was able to catch an earlier flight, so she came home earlier than expected and we bought take out Chinese food for dinner. It's going to be a fine weekend - as soon as I get all my Christmas shopping done! :D


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