Sunday, December 10, 2017


Today, I woke up a little after 7:00 a.m. (after having gone to sleep around 2:00 a.m.), wondered if I should get up, decided against it, went back to sleep, and woke up much later, around 10:30 a.m.   I got the recommended 8 hours of sleep, but I woke up with a bit of a headache, which I didn't have when I woke up earlier, at 7:00 a.m. after only 5 hours of sleep! 
I spent a relaxed rest of the morning, replying to blog comments, commenting on other blogs, and just taking it easy.  I ate a slice of cold pizza for brunch.  The headache wore off sometime in the afternoon.  Maybe I was dehydrated - I keep forgetting to drink enough water.
Later in the afternoon, I checked on the table linen and napkins I will be using for the almsgiving to make sure everything was still fine.  They had been washed and put away after the previous almsgiving which was held two years ago, since I wasn't able to have the almsgiving last year.  Although they've been sitting in the cupboard since then, they looked fine to me and didn't need to be rewashed prior to being used this year.  
Neighbor E came over in the afternoon to take a look at the garage door.  He tried to fix it, but apparently one of the side brackets is bent and that is why the door doesn't slide open smoothly.  He spent over an hour taking it apart and putting it back together, but it still doesn't open and close properly.  He said one of his cousins might be able to help; said he'll call him and see if he is free, one day.  He declined to accept any payments from me for the work he did today.  I do have him and his wife listed on my holiday gift list, so I'll thank him with some homemade baked goods at Christmas.
While he was working on the garage door, I watered some of the plants in the back garden and took some pictures:
The roses are still blooming
I'm amazed they withstood the winds!
The very confused lone zucchini plant is still flowering!
The oranges are coming along

In the evening, I called the temple and confirmed the day of the almsgiving with the monks.  After that, I called one of my friends to remind her of the almsgiving and, when she asked what she is to make for the almsgiving, asked her if she can make two dishes - one made with kale, shredded and cooked with coconut, and a green beans curry.  Then, I called one of my cousins to remind her of the almsgiving.  After that, I called another friend to just chat with her (it was the anniversary of her mother's death and I knew she'd be feeling sad). 

Apart from that, I did a little dusting, replaced burnt out light bulbs in the bedroom and the garage, washed the pile of dishes that had accumulated in the kitchen, and knitted another hat.  I've made six hats, so far.
Today, I am grateful for:
- Helpful neighbors
- Roses in December
- The headache went away
- Good friends
- Chatting with my daughter
I don't feel I was all that productive today, but I know I got a lot of little things done that I had wanted done (like replacing the burnt out bulbs).    How was your Saturday?  Did you accomplish what you wanted to do?  


  1. Silly lady, I think you had a very productive day and your time was well spent! Your body needed the sleep, cheering others up via blog comments, engaging with neighbor E, cousin and friend, cleaned the kitchen, various odd jobs and watered the plants!

    I have become my dear mum - I remembered as she got older that she often drank plain hot water, sometimes with a little squeeze of lemon added or black currant jam. I find it very satisfying now the weather is cold. 😀 😀

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I AM being silly, aren't I? I have unrealistic expectations of myself, at times.

      My mother's aunt used to drink plain hot water, usually at night, according to my mother. One of the monks who comes to my almsgiving also prefers hot water. Come to think of it, what is tea, if not hot water infused with tea leaves? Of course, I prefer my tea with milk and sugar added, but, plain tea is good, too. I haven't tried hot water with black current jam, though. I suppose it will taste a bit like hot Ribena!

      Hope you have a lovely day and stay warm!

  2. We woke up to snow on Saturday! Sadly all gone by this morning where we are although some parts of the country have had a lot. I have my fingers crossed for more. Thomas has his fingers crossed for a school closure (highly unlikely) and Amy has her fingers crossed there isn't any until Tuesday because she takes her theory driving test tomorrow and needs to get there. Mark hasn't passed comment either way lol.

    All seems to be looking good for the almsgiving service this year :) Be sure not to overdo it beforehand.

    The roses in the garden are lovely especially the one in the first photo. xx

    1. Let's hope there'll be more snow for Thomas and you AFTER Amy has taken her test! :) Is she looking forward to being able to drive? My daughter was most reluctant to learn to drive and didn't for the longest time. Even now, she prefers not to drive!

      I am keeping my fingers crossed for the almsgiving! Making sure to drink enough water, taking my magnesium pills, trying hard not to overdo things (in fact, in my opinion, taking it a bit too easy, perhaps!), trying not to stress about the few things that still need to be done.

      Of course, with focusing on the almsgiving, I haven't even thought of Christmas gifts for friends and family, so need to start on that, as well. What happened to all my plans of being organized and prepared ahead of time?

  3. I have been experiencing lots of those days recently. I seem not to actually get anything crossed off my daily "To-Do" list, but in actuality getting lots of items checked off the "Needs Doing" list. It is all good, and sometimes our bodies and minds are telling us they need a break from the mundane chores and have some real life successes in other ways. Doesn't it feel really good to know that you have accomplished LOTS, just nothing on that dreaded list?

    1. It does, Susan. I also know that I seem to accomplish lots of the "needs doing" stuff when I am procrastinating on the "should do" list! :D

      For example, what I should do is tidy the family room; what I actually did was wash the inside of the front door and tape up the holiday greetings cards I've received so far! :D

  4. You are getting well organized with preparations for the almsgiving. I know what you mean about wanting to be organized for Christmas and prepared ahead, I would love to be able to say that everything is in hand!
    You've done well to knit 6 hats. I love to see your flowers, while we look out onto snow, but it is beautiful, too.
    The other day DH remembered that he had a set of headphones bought for when he used Skype and we had a satellite connection back then which needed some help. He fetched them out for me to use and I have been listening to carols on the computer knowing that he doesn't have to put up with hearing them, and then spoiling it by singing along, which he can hear, of course! 😃🎄

    1. Bushlady, I'm sure your DH is very happy to hear you sing carols. I am sure you have a beautiful voice. :)

      I think I am in a good place with the almsgiving prep. Or, will be when I get the family room tidied and the bathrooms cleaned. Which reminds me, I should get new bathmats as mine are so old and starting to fall apart! Better put that on my shopping list!

      As for Christmas - I might do what I did last year when I was still not quite up to doing too much - buy a bunch of gift cards and give them! Not very personal, but my family seems to prefer them, actually.

  5. I love sleep! Probably because I don't get enough of it. My sleep patterns are not good but every now and then (like this morning) I manage a good catch up. Yesterday I caught the train to visit my son and family. They moved away and I don't like the drive. It took 64 minutes for the journey, plus 15 mins drive when daughter in law picked me up from the station. It was lovely to see my little grandsons and I took my older grandson with me. All in all, I had a nice day. Today we have heavy snow. We don't get a great deal and we are not very geared up for it. The last bad snow was 2011 so I suppose we get off quite lightly really. I hope your headache didn't return.

    1. Eloise, that is so nice that you were able to take the train to visit your son and took your older grandson with you to visit his younger cousins. I'm sure your younger grandsons loved seeing you, again. Will they be visiting you at Christmas?

      Hope you don't have to drive anywhere in the snow and if you do, then, hope the roads are cleared. I think, after that first snow fall, snow ball fight, and snow man, snow is best enjoyed from the window of a warm house while sipping a hot drink! ;)


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