Monday, December 11, 2017

Sharing the Light (Pause in Advent #2)

Angela at Tracing Rainbows has posted her second Pause in Advent post in which she speaks about light (and scented candles).

As I read her post, I thought that it was interesting how light plays such a significant role in so many religions.  In almost every religion, there is some ceremonial use of light, and the lighting of a flame, whether it is a candle or an oil lamp, has a symbolic meaning.

The flame might represent life, itself, as well as being a source of light which dispels darkness.  And that darkness can be many things, besides being a lack of light.  It can be the darkness of despair or ignorance.  The flame can symbolize the light of hope, of knowledge, and understanding. 

While oil lamps are traditional in my culture and candles have become more common, these days, it is an electric light in the shape of a candle that I switch on at the altar when it starts to get dark.  I keep it lit all night and turn it off only in the morning.

I like to think that no matter where we light our candles or when or how, the symbolic meaning of the act is universal - a bit of light which dispels the darkness.  If we can share that light with one another, what a bright world it would be!


  1. Being a light and sharing the light is the key to it all.

    1. It seems more and more important to do so, these days, doesn't it?

  2. The amazing thing about light, which can be also significant from a spiritual standpoint, is that even the tiniest gleam of light shows up in the darkest place! The darkness cannot overcome it.


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