Thursday, December 28, 2017

More Shopping on Wednesday

New Journal Cover
Wednesday was a sunny, warm day, with the highs in the mid-70s.  
Daughter spent the morning video chatting with her friend who is visiting her family in Hawaii.  I played on the computer a bit, read blogs, wrapped up a couple more gifts, and tried on the clothing I had bought on Tuesday and the ones I had received as gifts.  I am pleased with how everything looked on me.  I now have a few new blouses to wear to family gatherings and the office.  
When I went out to bring the trash cans in, I was annoyed to find that someone had moved my black trash can off the curb and on to the parkway in order to park his or her car by the curb.  As a result, the trash can had not been emptied and, what's more, someone had added more trash to my trash can!  I had to roll the trash can and the trash back and it will sit there for another week!  Daughter was telling me to calm down, that it wasn't the worst thing someone could have done to me, and it wasn't the end of the world, but I told her that I thought it was very rude of whoever it was.  I understand they'd want to move the trash can in order to park, but one would think they'd be courteous enough to move it back in place, later, so that the trash can be collected. 

In the afternoon, daughter and I went shopping again!  First, to the bookstore because daughter wanted to buy herself a planner, but she didn't like the planners they had there.  Then, we went to the mall, had lunch in their food court, and did a little more shopping.  I bought some journals to include in the gifts I am giving to a few people and daughter bought the one pictured above for me.  It has the inspirational quote that she liked.  
Then, we did a little more clothes shopping!  I bought a sweater for myself and a few more tops for daughter and we did some shoe shopping, as well.  Daughter also got her eyebrows threaded, while we were at the mall.  We were in the mall for about 2 1/2 hours.
After that, daughter was ready to come home, but I wanted to go to the crafts store, so we went there.  She found her planner, there, and I picked up another gift for one of my cousins.  We picked up something for dinner on the way home.  Daughter wanted a teriyaki chicken bowl and I just got a salad. 

I was tired when I came home.  I ate my salad and rested while daughter made me a cup of tea.  Later, I put away the laundry from Tuesday, did another load, renewed my library book online, took the recycling out, and ran the dishwasher.  It was a very productive day, I think. 

Tomorrow, I might do a little more shopping during the day.  I still haven't bought a wall calendar for the house and I want to get a couple of other gifts for one of my aunts.  Daughter is going out with friends in the evening, so I will do laundry and relax, then, and water the garden.
Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to shop for longer periods of time before getting tired.
- Getting my walking exercises while shopping!
- Year-end clearance sales
- Being able to shop with daughter, getting her opinion on things, having her help with carrying our purchases, etc.
- New clothes.

How was your Wednesday?  Do you have to work this week or are you on vacation?  Are you able to take advantage of the year-end sales?  Years ago, I used to shop and buy next year's gifts and new decorations, etc., at half price.  Do you do so, too?

Dancer Likes the Empty Shopping Bags!


  1. Sounds like a fun, but busy day! I don't particularly like the mall but the craft shops are my kind of fun. We'll be taking MIL to some craft shops today. Hope your daughter got a good deal on her planner - I think they are on sale today so I might take a look. I'm not usually good at planning much of anything but I want to start a strict budget next year as things need to be updated around here and think that might help. Glad you managed to get some new outfits.

    1. Sharon, the planners were 50% off at the crafts store. Daughter got the basic planner and a package of inserts that customized it for her.

      Budgeting helps with keeping track of ones spending, especially if one is saving a specific amount for a given purpose. My advice is to decide how much you want to set aside each month for the upgrading, then, base your household budget on what is left, keep good track of your spending, and tweak things as you go along. I, too, have a few things I want to do around the house, this coming year; some repairs and painting and replacing of broken appliances, etc.

  2. I probably should take advantage of after Christmas sales to pick up stuff for next year, but I didn't need to buy any paper, tags or ribbon this year because I had plenty, and I am pretty sure I have enough for next year as well. If I need to go in for eggs or milk this week, I will look at what is left. I don't want to take advantage of bargains if there isn't a need. Besides, I am perfectly content to stay inside and keep warm this week as we have been hit by a cold advisory.You however have done exceptionally well with your shopping. Because you are looking for things to buy, you are doing well with your bargain hunting. Way to go.

    1. There is no need to buy anything if you already have enough for next year, Susan. It means less stuff to store! I'd definitely stay at home during a cold advisory!

      I don't like shopping all that much, I am definitely not a recreational shopper, but I enjoy shopping with my daughter. I do have a list of things I need/want and I try to stick to it. But, the running joke between my daughter and I is, we go shopping for things for me and we usually end up buying for her and not for me! :D

  3. The trash can story annoyed me for you too and then I saw a recent "Pickles" comic strip and it was about using your neighbor's trash can when they're not looking and I thought of you :)

    Your shopping trip was successful. 2.5 hours at the mall can be very tiring. Here I heard that not as many people are out shopping after Christmas as they had hoped. But if most people are like me, I'm all "shopped out". I didn't even go grocery shopping this week, I'm going to avoid going near stores until next Wednesday if I can help it.

    1. It's too funny how that comic strip seems to reflect my life! First, it was the gift bags, now, it is the trash can! My life is a comic strip! :D

      A lot of people are still out and about, shopping, at this end. All are taking advantage of some good sales (70-75% off!) The bargains are too good to miss!

  4. Amazing how well you have done with both clothes shopping and gifts that you like and fit you well. Your family must know you very well.

    I had no idea you could get your eyebrows threaded. Always learning from your blog.

    We are in the middle of some Arctic frigid weather. It is really miserable out so have stayed in where it is warm. Today I made a big pot of potato soup and corn bread. Eating way to make cookies and am missing my little daily walk.

    1. I was listening to the evening news and they were talking about the cold temperatures in so many states! We, on the other hand, enjoyed a daytime high of 84F.

      My cousins are very good at picking out clothes for me. They have good dress sense. :)

  5. So glad you’re treating yourself to fun and enjoying shopping with your daughter. Was thinking about your trash can situation ... even if they moved it back, would the trash collectors have seen it and walked around the car to get it? We live in the country and don’t have a sidewalk so not familiar with the process. Could you place your trash can in your driveway opening at the curb instead? Surely no one is allowed to park at the curb and block your driveway so that would give easy access to your can by the collectors? I would be frustrated by your situation as well. And regardless of where it was, the collectors had to have known that a trash can anywhere in the area is there for collection. Sometimes it’s the simplest tasks that turn into the biggest headaches it seems.

    1. Thanks, Carolyn.

      The trash collecting is all mechanized: a big truck is driven up, the driver activates a mechanized arm that extends from the side of the truck, the pair of prongs at the end of the arm grabs the trash can, lifts it over the truck and upends it, then, puts it back on the curb. The arm retracts and the driver drives on to the next house/trash can. No one actually gets out of the truck and manually moves the trash cans. If they are not at the curb, too bad, because the arm can extend only so far.

      I do place my trash cans at the very edge of the curb on either side of my drive way, in the spot that is meant to be kept clear! I didn't want to actually block my drive way opening, because I keep thinking that if there is an emergency in the night, I wouldn't want my drive way blocked by trash cans. But, I just might have to do that, in the future. I've seen other people put notes on their trash cans saying, "Do not move the trash can"! Now I know why they do that!

  6. Every cat should have a grocery sack to play in! Brings back memories for me. We looked after a neighbour's cat once and I sent her home with a brown paper bag and a homemade stuffed catnip "rat" (larger than a mouse, for a cat with ambition!). The neighbour asked me "what's with the bag and the rat?" I guess not everyone has this secret knowledge of cats' weaknesses.
    Too bad about the garbage can. I would have been irritated, too. There is something dreadful about missing a collection and having to wait another week. Of course it is a first world problem but that doesn't stop me being bothered if it happens! Too bad the driver was so inconsiderate.

    I haven't been shopping at all. DH picked up some milk we needed. I did have breakfast with friends yesterday but otherwise have been keeping out of the cold.

    1. A homemade catnip toy was one of the gifts Dancer received, this year! That and a can of tuna. :)

      You are quite right, Bushlady - first world problems, as you say.

      Good of you to stay indoors and keep out of the cold. I've heard that it is very cold, up there. Keep warm!


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