Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December Grocery Shopping - Week 2

December Groceries: 12/9/17

On Sunday, I went grocery shopping to buy a few items for the week and some stock up items since they were on sale for $.99 each if one bought 5 participating items.

I also bought some things that were needed for the almsgiving:

Almsgiving Supplies

And some other items that were needed for the house, because this is one of those times of the year when I stock up on household supplies, such as facial tissues. I like to buy about 6 months' supplies and keep them on hand.

Stock Up Items
I went to the Kroger-affiliated regular supermarket and the dollar store for my purchases (both are located in the same mall).

The grocery store was having a sale where some items were $.99 each, provided one bought 5 participating items.  I tried to take advantage of this sale to stock up on sugar (at $.25/lb, this is well below my usual price point of $.50/lb. and an excellent stock up price) and later (on Monday) on more sugar and cans of condensed milk (not pictured) at the discount store which is also Kroger affiliated (the "no frills" one where one has to bag ones own groceries).

On Sunday, at the grocery store, I bought:
5 4-lb. packets of sugar, on sale for $.99* per packet = $4.95
2 doz. large eggs @ $.99 = $1.98
1 8-oz package cream cheese = $.99*
1 1-lb jar peanut butter = $.99
1 brownie mix = $.99*
1 package bagels (to go with the cream cheese) = $1.99
1/2 gal. milk = $1.99
Bananas @$.59/lb = $.93
Beef steak (top round) = $3.39

1 package gallon sized storage bags = $.87

4 6-pack bottles of soda @$1.99+$.30 deposit = $9.16
tax on non-food items = $.95

Total (after refund adjustments) = $29.18

Receipt with Overcharged Items Highlighted

Some of the items with the asterisk (*), that should have been on sale, rang up at full price and I didn't discover that until I came home and was looking at my receipt to write this post!  However, I was able to go back to the store and point this price discrepancy to them and was allowed a refund of the difference, after I took the items back and the manager had checked to verify that, yes, indeed, I had purchased the sale priced items.  I had taken the items with me, just in case they wouldn't refund the difference - if so, I was just going to return them!  

Receipt for Refund

The one item I hadn't taken back with me was the cream cheese, because I had already opened it; so the cashier rang it up as a bag of sugar, but with the cream cheese price of $1.59 and adjusted it that way.

At the dollar store, I bought:

1 package paper napkins, 2 packs paper plates, 2 boxes aluminum foil, and 3 boxes facial tissues
2+ lb. red grapes
1 package refrigerated cookie dough (for almsgiving)
3 cups instant noodles (for me to take to the office to keep in my desk)

My total came to $13.11

Most of the paper goods and foil are for use during the almsgiving and will be included in the almsgiving+grocery budget.  The facial tissues are from the household supplies budget and not included in the spending totals below.
Dollar Store Receipt

On Monday, at the "no frills" Kroger-affiliated store, I bought:
5 4-lb packages of sugar @$.99 (without any overcharging problems!) = $4.95
5 cans condensed milk @$.99 = $4.95

(Plus 1 bag cat food for $6.99 + tax)

12/11/17 Grocery Receipt

My grocery total at this store came to $9.90.

By the way, all of this sugar and milk are not for my own consumption.  I will share some with my daughter and some will be donated to the temple, along with tea and coffee, for their use. 

Week 2 grocery/supplies spending came to $52.19

December Grocery/Almsgiving Budget = $300
Spent to date = $28.82 + $52.19 = $81.01
Balance remaining = $300 - $81.01 =  $218.99

This week's grocery ads came out, yesterday.  Canned vegetables are on sale for $.50 each.  I just opened my last can of corn (I had bought 2 cans when they went on sale at that price, earlier), so I might buy two more cans to replenish my stock.  I prefer frozen corn, but canned corn is good to have on hand, too.

I will do this week's grocery shopping on Saturday.  I need to buy fresh fruits (five kinds) and vegetables for the almsgiving, and a container of yogurt, among other items.

How is your grocery shopping budget coming along?  Are you finding stock up prices for things you need?


  1. Those are some amazing prices! Especially for the sugar!

    1. Debbie, yes, I haven't seen sugar at that price for years! I have seen everything else at that price from time to time, but the timing was right to buy some of them - the eggs for the almsgiving and holiday baking; the brownie mix for the almsgiving; the peanut butter because I've come to the end of my current jar (1 jar lasts me a long time, usually), the condensed milk because I am down to my last can, and the cream cheese because, well, I like cream cheese and bagels (when cream cheese is not on sale, I just have butter on my bagels). All in all, I am happy with those prices, even if I had to jump through some hoops to get them at the one store!

  2. I haven't been doing much, but I should get out and do some stock up like you did. This is a good time of year for that.


    1. Sometimes, we are too busy doing other things. But, if I can, I try to stock up when prices are at their lowest. Makes me feel good to know I did what I could to stretch my money. :)

  3. Wow! You have found some great deals. You pay for 2 dozen eggs what I consider to be a sale price for one dozen. I am not really finding any seasonal sales on food items, but occasionally I do get some wonderful prices on meat and veggies. I will buy a lot and then freeze it, so I am making my meals from the freezer with food I may have bought 4 months ago. Whatever works.

    1. Susan, there have been times when I paid $1.99 for SIX eggs! I'll pay $1.99 for a dozen, but I prefer to pay $.99 for them! :)

      Definitely a good strategy to buy meat and veggies on sale and freeze them.

  4. Some good shopping! I have to get out and buy food but don't like driving in the snow so I am trying to use up things in the house. I've been meaning to do it.

    1. Good idea to use up what you have, Sharon. If you recall, I spent most of September and October using up pantry items. :)


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