Sunday, August 27, 2017

Weekend To Do List

First of all, I hope everyone in the path of hurricane Harvey is safe.  I know I have some readers in Texas, including Carolyn and PamInTexas and several friends; some of them have indicated that they are safe.  My aunt and cousins (stepfather's sister, nieces and nephews) and their families are also in Texas and they have indicated that they are safe, but expecting flooding.

Late last night (Friday night), I couldn't go to sleep because there were several "to do" things running through my mind:  "I have to do this, I should do that, I want to do this other thing, but first I need to do that other thing".  It was getting to a point where I was feeling overwhelmed and when that happens, I get stressed.  Even my daughter noticed that I was stressed, when I ended my video chat with her.  So, after I said goodnight to her, I sat down with a pad of paper and wrote down my Weekend To Do List:

Weekend To Do List:
Friday Night:
- Check car registration renewal notice/see if a smog check is required (DONE/not required)

- Take car for smog check if needed - NOT required
- Go to DMV counter at the auto club to pay registration fees and get the sticker - DONE
- Put the sticker on the car - DONE
- Phone calls:
   - Call lady hosting the prayer gathering to let her know I'll be attending - DONE
   - Call cousin to let her know I can give her a ride - DONE
   - Call sister to see if she's free to go to lunch when daughter is here - DONE/left a message
   - Call sister-in-law for update on brother - DONE (he's out of ICU but can't recognize family or friends, sister in law is being shown how to take care of him - brush his teeth, bathe him, etc.)
   - Call the Sri Lankan store to see if they have my tea - DONE - they do!
   - Call friend R to ask if she needs to go to the Sri Lankan store - called and left a message; she called back after I had left for the store and I called her back after I came home
   - Call gardener friend to thank him for the package of dried spicy mango he left for me - DONE
- Put gas to the car - DONE
- Shopping:
   - Store 1 - DONE (didn't buy anything)
   - Store 2 - DONE (bought a butter dish and some nutrition bars to share with daughter)
   - Fabric store for quilt batting?  ($11.99 for queen size batting)
   - Dollar store for a finished quilt to use as batting? ($7.99 for queen size quilt)
   - Sri Lankan store for tea (and maybe other goodies!) - DONE
 Grocery shop for bread, fruit, vegetables - DONE
- Laundry - daughter's bed sheets, sofa dust sheets
- Water the back garden
- Cook - DONE (rice, fish curry, sauted curried cabbage)
- Do dishes - DONE
- Do litter box - DONE

- Attend prayer gathering
- Catch up on Saturday's list
- Dust
- Vacuum
- Clean bathrooms

- Oncologist appointment
- Bank

- Office
- Podiatrist appointment

This morning, I had a cup of tea and started on my list.  First, I called the lady hosting the prayer gathering, then, called my cousin.  After that, I renewed my car registration and started on the shopping.  I found many things my daughter would like; we've planned to go back to the store when she comes, next week.

Came home and cooked rice, fish curry, and cabbage for lunch.  After lunch, I rested a bit, made the rest of my phone calls, waited to see if my friend will call back, and at 5:30 p.m., went to the Sri Lankan store (friend had called 5 minutes later!), put gas to the car, did my regular grocery shopping, and came home around 7:30 p.m.  I called my friend and chatted with her for a bit; I promised to call her again, the next time I go to the Sri Lankan store.  My aunt C called and I had a chat with her, too.

I will do a separate post about the grocery shopping and how I spent all my August grocery shopping budget and more! 

But for now, for all the British ex-pat readers, more goodies on display:

A Selection of Biscuits and Crackers

I was tempted to buy a packet of the Rich Tea Biscuits, but balked at the $4.79 price tag.

More Goodies, including Christmas Pudding!
I was tempted to buy some Christmas pudding, but I thought I'll hold off until closer to Christmas!  Besides, I still have half the Christmas cake my friend made and gave me last year!

Today, I am grateful for
- Family and friends in Texas are safe
- Brother is out of ICU
- The store had my tea!
- Being able to go over budget on occasion
- Being able to drive myself around

Today, I spent money!  $244 to register the car, $72+ (!) at the Sri Lankan store, $21+ at a discount store, almost $13 at the grocery store, and $33 for gas ($2.79/gal) for the car.  Oh, well, the trip to the Sri Lankan store was cheaper than a trip to Sri Lanka and now I have enough tea (6 boxes of 100 tea bags per box!) to last me for the rest of the year, if not longer!

How was your Saturday?  Did you have a good start to the weekend?  Do you sometimes get a bit overwhelmed with all the things that have to be done, that should be done, that you want to do, etc.?  If so, how do you handle it? 


  1. Wow Bless, you accomplished alot.. I too, get stressed ,when I get to thinking about things that I need to do. Making the list, is always so helpful..
    I had a busy Saturday too. I cleaned out my car and washed it..It was awful.. proud it is done..whew. I have been decluttering my closets and cabinets, and dressers. I am taking one place at a time. They are not too bad, since I did it during early spring.. I am trying to keep it that way, so it is not so hard to keep done.ha
    Hope you have a blessed day.

    1. Thanks, Judy. I was glad that I felt well enough to get them done! Cleaning the car is something I need to do, of these days. Well done in decluttering the closets, etc. I really need to do another decluttering session, myself. Hope you are having a good day, yourself, Judy. Take care.

  2. Busy weekend you have! Yesterday we were travelling back from Cornwall to Mums so today we're taking it easy.

    1. Sharon, I hope you are having a lovely visit with your mother and sisters.

  3. I am often overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. It helps me a lot to make a list. Then I just have worry about doing the actual tasks and not trying to remember them all.

    1. Lists are good, aren't they? Somehow, it helps to see them written down, with some items grouped together so that they are more organized and not so scattered. Hope you are having a lovely day, today.

  4. I love when you show British goodies and their prices. I could buy 3.5 packets of rich tea for the price of one packet over there. If it wasn't for the fact astronomical postage costs and the fact they'd probably all broken as well, I'd send you a box :)

    It's horrible when you can't sleep because things are on your mind isn't it, but I bet you felt better for writing it all down didn't you and you seem to have done pretty much everything so that must be a great sense of achievement.

    Glad to hear your friends and family are safe. My thoughts are with everybody affected by hurricane. xx

    1. Suzanne, thank you for wanting to send me the biscuits; but I wouldn't want you to! All the items are rather expensive because they all had to be shipped over and probably there were some customs duty, as well. So, the store owners have to recover their costs and still make a profit. When I go to that store, I have to be in a suitable frame of mind, knowing I am buying treats and deciding it is OK to do so. :) I remember a time when none of this was available here, so I am happy to do my bit to keep the shop going!

  5. The box of Turkish Delight on your photograph looks very much like the one my mother would buy at Christmas time when I was about 10 years old! We didn't have constant treats like today, and she would save and buy certain things for Christmas enjoyment. There would be a box of orange and lemon slices, a box of dates, candied figs, chocolates, perhaps a sugar mouse for me. Would these things have stayed in my memory if we had had them all year round? I noticed on the second photo the digestive biscuits, which are a favourite of mine and can be bought in our local store. A friend once used them crushed instead of graham crackers for a cream pie and they gave a different but excellent flavour to the crust.
    The weather is not hot, around 72°F, but sunny and breezy and yesterday DH and I were gardening together, rooting out small trees that had grown up almost overnight in the berry patch, with all the rain. He mowed some paths through the berry patch again where they had grown over. We had some discussion over one small wild cherry that I wanted to keep (not that we don't have lots in the yard). I convinced him that it could still be
    cut down later, but for now I liked it where it was!

    1. My grandmother used to make Turkish Delight at Christmas, and once or twice, I've made them, too, for an almsgiving. I had a piece of Turkish delight, today, at my friend's house and I was thinking I should make another batch, this year.

      According to my mother, her mother used to say that if one had the money, every day is Christmas!

      Sounds like you are having some nice weather. Just right for gardening. Glad you were able to keep that wild cherry tree where it was - does it bear fruit and are you able to use the fruit? Or are they kept for the birds and squirrels?

    2. We enjoy just seeing the birds and squirrels eat the pin cherries which grow high up, but last week I harvested a bag of chokecherries from bushes on the roadside. These are also tiny but not pleasant to eat raw (and the pits are poisonous). They make excellent jelly so I had enough for a cup of juice and I produced a couple of jelly jars. Hadn't done this for about 30 years and I think I did better back then, this time I had to guess proportions with so little to work with. But it will be eaten!

    3. Yum! My recipe for jam is 1:1 - 1 lb. sugar to 1 lb. fruit.

  6. Do I get overwhelmed by things that need to be done? You betcha! How do I deal with it. I just START. The best way I know is just to jump in and get started. A list is usually helpful as it prioritizes items, but often I just need to actually do something.

    I am waiting to see how you went over your budget. Are you trying to outdo me?

    1. Sometimes, just getting started is the hardest part for me - because I'll do something, but feel I should be doing something else or was procrastinating on a higher priority thing. So, sitting down with a list and identifying what is the most important item usually helps.

      Ha ha, you didn't know you were having some competition from me, did you?

  7. We are all safe and our homes are dry (for the time being). Hubby and I are flooded in due to road flooding, as are all of our kiddos. Two of them may face mandatory evacuations soon. Please pray for everyone affected by flooding here in Texas. Many thanks!!! :)

    1. Carolyn, glad to hear you are safe; I hope you and your family will continue to be safe. You are all in my prayers. Please continue to keep us updated, if you can.


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