Sunday, August 20, 2017

Saturday: Lunch with Sister and Family

I was woken up by my sister's phone call, this morning.  Apparently, the Indian restaurant I had recommended was closed and no longer at that location!  Somehow, I had missed seeing that when I checked the website.  It says Location Closed in red, right there on the website, so I don't know how I missed seeing it!  Anyway, we settled on another restaurant, to try Australian cuisine.

I woke up with a bit of a headache, this morning.  It was more of an eye ache/sinus pressure - probably a combination of insufficient sleep (didn't fall asleep till quite late, last night) and maybe some dehydration (I haven't been drinking my full quota of water, again).  It was not bad enough to take something for it, so I just had a cup of tea and hoped it would go away! 

Later in the morning, I called my brother's wife and spoke with her.  My brother is still in ICU and, from what she said, it seems like a matter of time now.  I am praying that his suffering comes to a peaceful end. 

I felt guilty about going out to lunch with my sister, after that, but I guess it was the best thing to do, under the circumstances - to be with each other and celebrate our family.  It was very much a family gathering: sister and her husband, her daughter and her husband and their two sons and sister's son who was also visiting!  The last time I had seen both her children and the grandchildren was some six years ago (niece and family live in Utah; nephew lives in northern California).  It was good to get together and catch up with each other.  I gave niece's sons gift cards to a book store; they were both very happy with them.
Niece and her husband reminded me about some T-shirts and banners I had made for the boys one Christmas as gifts - I had embroidered their names in Sinhalese lettering on the T-shirts (which had been bought on a clearance sale) and on the banners (made from fabric I had in my stash).  Niece said the T-shirts are being saved as keepsakes and the older boy said he has his banner on the wall of his bedroom.  I have promised them new T-shirts with the terms for older brother and younger brother embroidered on them for next Christmas!

I had the mixed barbecue grill (chicken breast, coconut shrimp, and babyback ribs) with a side salad and split a slice of carrot cake with my nephew.  I couldn't finish my entree so I brought half of it home.  I had some of it for my dinner, tonight; I'll finish the rest tomorrow.  Niece picked up the tab for today's lunch, so it was her treat.  I enjoyed the food; I think I have a new favorite restaurant! 

After I came home, I called daughter and then, I took a nap!  For about 4 hours!  From about 2:45 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.!  Hopefully, I can go to sleep at a decent hour, tonight!
Between going out to lunch and a long nap, I didn't do a lot of things, today.  But that's OK.  Yesterday, I did a load of laundry, watered the garden, dusted the living room and dining area, and tidied the house a bit before my aunt and cousin visited. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- Getting together with my sister and her family
- A pleasant lunch out
- Knowing my frugal, handmade gifts were appreciated by niece and her sons
- A long afternoon nap!
- Knowing my brother is receiving the best medical care he possibly can

How was your Saturday? 


  1. I'm curious about the banner you made for you nephew. I'm having a hard time imagining what it might look like. What exactly did you make?

    1. Live and Learn, I don't have a picture of it - this was done before I got a phone capable of taking pictures. But, the banner consisted of triangular pieces of fabric I cut out from some denim fabric I had in my stash, which were sewn to a length of cord I made by folding and sewing a long piece of fabric. The base of the triangles were sewn to the cord so that the points of the triangles hung down. There was enough cord left at each end to tie to two nails driven into the wall. I think there were 5 triangles on one banner and 6 on the other, so that there was one blank triangle at either end of the triangles with the letters. The letters were cut out from a scrap piece of grey felt I had in my stash and hot glued to the triangles. I made a banner for my niece, too, but out of some Christmas print fabric I had.

    2. Okay, got it. Thanks for the description.

  2. I'm sorry that it doesn't sound like your brother will recuperate from his stroke. It must be very stressful for everyone and my heart aches for all of you. I understand why you felt guilty about going out to lunch right after hearing the news, it feels wrong to be able to enjoy something when we know people close to us are having a really hard time. But also life goes on, you know? I don't think it was callous of you to go to lunch with your family and I'm glad you had a good time.

    Enjoy your Sunday, Bless.

    1. Thank you, Nathalie. Yes, I figured it was important to get together with my sister and her family when I had the opportunity to do so. Niece had wanted to see me the last time they all came down to visit sister, which was in March, but they couldn't make it. So, this time, she made sure we met. I think it was important for us both to have her sons come to know who I was. So that, when I next send them handmade holiday gifts, they'll have the memory of a face to go with the name, Aunty Bless! My niece's older son is 14, just a year or so younger than your youngest son; he'll be starting high school this fall. The younger son is 8 and will start 3rd grade. He was shy and wouldn't talk to me without being prompted by his mother (but he did let me hug him!) The older boy was quite sociable, which was nice, and I got hugged back by him! :)

  3. So sorry to hear that your brother is not expected to live.

    Your lunch out was indeed very nice and lovely to hear that your thoughtful gifts were really appreciated. I think you may possibly be the most kind/generous person that I know. Is this part of putting your faith into practice as a "Buddhist"?

    I do hope you had a much better sleep last night. Oh I spent a lot of time Saturday as I was home by myself, cleaning the house and continue to sort out old paperwork. I am determined to carry on and also do more sorting out of old toys, puzzles etc. - I keep asking myself if we moved would we take it and the answer is usually "no".

    1. Thank you, Sandy. Earlier in the week, brother had a "cardiac event" and had to be revived; since then, he's had another stroke and apparently, there is swelling in the brain. It doesn't look very good, does it?

      It was good to see the younger members of the family and get to know the grandnephews. I was thrilled to know that my very simple, very inexpensive, handmade gifts were appreciated. These are kids who have everything they could possibly want (sister indulges them, as is her right as their grandmother). But, as my daughter pointed out, my gifts were unique. They are not something one can buy.

      Aw, Sandy, you are too sweet. I don't consider myself to be particularly kind or generous (I can be very tight with my money!). But, I do like to give and try to do so when I can and I do try to be kind (or, at least, not be unkind). Buddhism does advocate generosity (giving fosters non-attachment) and kindness, but, in my opinion, so do all other religions. I just try, as much as I am able, to treat others as I would like myself and my child to be treated.

      I did have a better night of sleep, last night, thank you.

      Sounds like you are making good progress with your decluttering. That is a very good question to ask - will I take this with me if I move and if not, then why am I keeping it? For me, the answer is often, "no, I won't take it, but I am keeping it because I am not moving yet!" :D

  4. I am so sorry about your brother... My prayer is that he will not be suffering. Hugs to you Bless.

    Your lunch sounds really good. and getting to be with your family, was the best thing, you could do.

    1. Thank you, Judy. It was nice to spend time with sister and family.

  5. Learning that your handmade gifts were appreciated is the icing on the cake. I always worry that my home made attempts at gifting will not be well received, or more precisely will not measure up to the gifts they have given me. Lovely that you were paid the compliment.

    I am hoping that your brother and your family experience peace and comfort in the coming days.

    1. Thank you, Susan.

      Definitely the icing on the cake! Especially since these members of the family are very well off and can pretty much afford the best of everything. I am not willing to get into a "keeping up with the Jones'" with them (or anyone else, for that matter), which is why I keep to handmade gifts. They can't buy what I make. When my niece was expecting her first son and my sister's best friend gave her a baby shower, I knew everyone there would be giving the baby designer outfits and so forth; I handknitted a little outfit - overalls - and booties. My niece was so pleased with it that she dressed the baby in them for his birth announcement photo and later, framed it in a shadow box. I loved knowing that she appreciated the handknitted gift.


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