Monday, August 28, 2017

Productive Weekend

Saturday was a productive day.  My energy levels were good, the weather was not too hot, although it got up to 104F in the afternoon, and I was able to get things done.  I renewed the car registration, made several phone calls, put gas to the car, did some shopping, went over my grocery budget (!), cooked, did the dishes, and cleaned the litter box.

Sunday was a less productive day.  My neighbor T called in the morning and we had our weekly phone chat.  Later, I attended the monthly prayer gathering and gave my cousin P a ride there and back.  It was an hour-long drive, each way; we left a little after noon and got back at 5:00 p.m.  My friend who hosted the prayer gathering had picked some pomegranates from her tree and gave me some:

I am keeping them until daughter comes home, because she loves pomegranates.

I did a load of laundry after I came home.

Later in the evening, my neighbor S who lives across the street from me called; her daughter had made some Armenian rice pilaf with vegetables and chicken and was bringing me a plate:

Armenian Rice Pilaf

I had some of it for my dinner and it was very tasty. I had more of it, today (Monday) for lunch and there's more leftover for another couple of meals.

I had planned to cook the beef steaks I had bought on Saturday, but I still had the fish curry I had cooked earlier and now I have all this rice pilaf, as well.  So I added curry powder and spices to the beef steaks, repackaged it into three smaller packages and froze them.  All I'll have to do will be to thaw them, add the rest of the ingredients like onions and curry leaves, and cook them (they'll be cooked as a curry).

Today, Monday, I went for my oncologist appointment in the morning.  I asked for and received a copy of the mammogram results (the actual report), and had my port catheter flushed.  I had planned to go to the bank, afterwards, but I came home, had lunch, and then, didn't feel like going out, again, in the heat (109F today).  Instead, I wrote a blog post about my stuffed toy tiger, paid the telephone bill, watched some TV, wrote a couple of emails to friends, and relaxed.   Later in the evening, I put water to the back garden and took the trash cans to the curb.

That's when I noticed that I had a self-trimming eucalyptus tree:

Fallen Eucalyptus Branch
It wasn't a very big branch.  I managed to break off the smaller branches with the leaves and stuffed them into the yard waste bin, which will be collected, tomorrow.  The branch itself, I moved to the back; it needs to be cut down so that the pieces can fit into the yard waste bin.  I might ask my gardener friend to do that for me.  Or I might cut it with my handsaw.

Once upon a time, I tried to cut a fairly big dead tree in my back garden with my handsaw.  I was standing on a ladder and sawing away at a branch when one of the neighbors in a house behind me happened to see me.  He offered me his chainsaw and I had that tree down in a few hours.  The only part I couldn't cut was the very last bit of the trunk, which was about 2-feet in diameter.  The saw kept getting stuck!  I didn't know then, that the way to cut such a thick trunk was to cut down vertically along the middle and then cut horizontally to remove each half.  Another neighbor, to whom I offered the wood, cut down the last bit for me and showed me how it should be done.

My mother was fussing at me because I was determined to cut that tree that evening  and it made us late to go to a family gathering!  Well, it was she who was unhappy with having a dead tree in the backyard, saying it was unlucky!  I hadn't planned on cutting the whole tree in one go, though.  I thought I'd saw off one branch at a time over several days, but when my neighbor offered me the use of his chainsaw, then I didn't want to stop!          

My podiatrist's office called to remind me of my appointment scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and I confirmed that I will be there.

I should put away the laundry from yesterday, make up daughter's bed, and do another load of laundry (the sofa dust sheets).  But first, I should have dinner (cold cuts sandwiches and salad).  

To Do List for Tuesday:
- Office
- Bank
- Podiatrist appointment

Today, I am grateful for:
- A good visit with the oncologist
- A productive weekend
- Pomegranates from my friend's garden
- The branch that fell was small and did no damage
-  The slightly cooler evening.

How was your weekend?  What are your plans for the rest of the week?


  1. YOu have the nicest neighbors, friends and family who all look out for and take such good care of you. That tells me how very loved you are. :)

    1. Thank you, Debbie; I do have some very caring family, friends, and neighbors, don't I? I'm very blessed that way.

  2. Did you talk to the oncologist about doing a biopsy on your mass? Or is that what you talk to the surgeon about?

    1. Live and Learn, I mentioned it to the oncologist and also the fact that I had left a message about it for the surgeon (since I forgot to ask him in person). Seems to be that they don't think a biopsy is necessary at this time since the mammogram report states it doesn't appear to be cancerous. I guess they don't have a reason to push for a biopsy.

      However, I asked for and received a copy of the mammogram report and it is very poorly written, as it states that "The right wrist shows evidence of what apparent way calcified oil cysts". I think that should be "the right breast shows evidence of what may appear to be calcified oil cysts"! I know for a fact that they didn't do a mammogram on my wrist! :D I believe the doctors dictate the reports into a recording device which probably converts it to a report on the computer, so I guess these errors are par for the course. *shrug*

  3. It would be hard to move from such caring friends and neighbors. I do hope it cools off a little bit before your daughter comes home this weekend. How does she feel about hot weather?

    1. Sandy, yes, but there'd be new friends and neighbors at the new place. :) Daughter loves the heat even more than I do, so she's hoping it'll stay hot when she visits!

  4. Isn't it great to have a day with energy and really get things done? If only every single day was like that!
    I was a little shocked at your past escapade with a chain saw. I'll bet you didn't have protective clothing, am I right? DH regularly uses one and they are the most useful tools but also one of the most dangerous. He has pants with protective fronts that will snag the chain if it should accidentally hit him, and special gloves and a helmet with face mask, also steel toed boots! Of course he does look after our wood lot where he sometimes needs to fell a large tree, and he knows all about chainsaws getting stuck!

    1. Bushlady, it's wonderful to be able to go the whole day and not feel tired!

      What's that? Protective clothing? I think I wore a pair of pants and a t-shirt and sneakers. No gloves or helmets! Didn't even know I needed special clothes! The neighbor didn't say anything other than plug this end to the outlet and press this switch to make it run! LOL! Ever since then, I've had a secret hankering to get a chainsaw of my own, but I don't have that many trees to trim!

    2. Sounds like it was a fairly small chainsaw. They are fun (keep DH entertained). I think I need protective clothing for working in the berry patch. Some of those blackberry canes are vicious.

    3. Yes, I guess it was. Oh, yes, wear long sleeves and long pants when you are in the berry patch! I am forever getting my skirts caught and arms scratched when I weed around the rose bushes!

      I could have used that chainsaw, today. Another branch had fallen down when I came home from work!

  5. I enjoyed reading your past few posts. It sounds like things are going very well for you this week. I'm not much for chainsaws, but my husband sure loves them. We have nothing to cut here at our new place, but I'm sure we will get going on wood for the stove one of these days. He always finds places to cut it.

    1. Thank you, Becky. Yes, things seem to have picked up quite nicely! Hope things are going well for you, too.

  6. A "self trimming tree" *laugh* I have one of those in the back of my yard. One of my neighbours has asked me if I would MIND it if he took some of the branches off of it. I have assured him that I wouldn't mind in the least. He can take as many branches as he wants. I was also aghast reading your story about you with a chainsaw. My husband gave lessons long ago on the correct way to handle a chainsaw, and yes there is protective clothing. Nowadays, it seems anyone can buy a small electric chainsaw for their yards. I hope there are lots of safety features built in.

    I am slow this morning getting started. I wish I had some of that energy you talked about when you got lots of things done. You accomplished quite a bit with high energy levels. My motivation is flagging just a bit. Ha.

    1. Ha, ha, Susan, they do say that ignorance is bliss and God looks after fools! I didn't know the chainsaw could be dangerous. I was thrilled that I was able to cut down the tree so quickly and with hardly any effort! You did a lot these past couple of days; maybe time to take a break?

      The tree trimmed itself, again, today!


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