Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Grocery Shopping on Tuesday

August 22 Groceries

Yesterday (Monday), in addition to watching the solar eclipse and various TV programs about space and eclipses and so forth, I cleaned out the fridge, took the trash cans to the curb, did the dishes, put away the laundry, and tidied the shelf with the bed sheets in the linen closet.  I was going to take a picture of that shelf, but forgot to do so.

This morning, I put away the dried dishes (I leave them in the dish drainer overnight to air dry), cleaned the cat's litter box, and brought in the trash cans before I left for work.  I had a pretty good day at the office.

On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store to take advantage of some sales, today being the last day before the prices changed.

I bought:
5 ears of corn @5/$1 = $1.00
6 turkey pot pies @$1.49 = $8.94 (to be shared with daughter)
2 pastries @$.50 = $1.00
1 pint milk = $.99
1 lb. pork chops (2 chops) @$.97/lb. = $.97
1 6-ct. ice cream bars = $2.99
1 7 oz. cold cuts = $3.49
Total =  $19.38

Amount spent on groceries in August = $27.98 + $19.38 = $47.36

After I came home and put away the groceries, I made a cup of tea and had one of the pastries:

It is a square of puff pastry, with a drizzle of some type of jam (strawberry, I think) and sprinkled with sugar.  There was no filling inside:

The cut pastry
The second pastry I bought has a cream cheese center:

Cream Cheese Pastry
Later, I cooked some rice and the pork chops I had bought - I cut them into strips and made a curry with onions and tomatoes I had harvested from the garden and spices:

Rice and Pork Curry

Today, I am grateful for:
- A safe drive to the office and back
- Grocery bargains
- Emails from my friend
- Video chatting with my daughter
- Cooler days

Plans for tomorrow include going to the office and maybe some sewing.  How was your day?  How is your August grocery shopping coming along?


  1. Sounds like an all around, good day, Bless. We all need those sometimes.

    1. It was a good day, Live and Learn. No drama or stress of any kind, except me telling myself I really should get more done in the evenings!

  2. Well as you are aware already, my August grocery shopping is done and gone...and then some. I have "dipped" into September's grocery shopping already. Hopefully, from here on in, I will only need to buy more dairy and fresh veggies until I leave by train for the West Coast at the end of September.

    I am also thankful for cooler days, or at least less humid days. We had rolling thunder storms and severe weather warnings yesterday as cooler temperatures moved in.

    1. It's perfectly OK to dip into the next month's groceries, at times, I think. And you had special circumstances that needed the extra spending. Remember that one time I stocked up on coffee for my daughter and ran short of grocery money before the month ended? It's like that. :)

      Cooler days are a blessing - we've been below normal these past couple of days, with highs only in the mid-80s. We will be warming up again and it'll be triple digits by this weekend.

  3. I think my DH would enjoy your cooking! He loves anything spicy. The other day I made a recipe called "Savory Chick Peas" which has turmeric and garam masala as well as garlic. What really makes it for me is the addition of chopped cilantro, one of my favourite herbs.
    Yesterday I collected the money for some items sold on consignment and then looked around and found a lovely painting of a Scottish castle, Eilean Donan. At $15 I couldn't resist! When I got home and told DH how much I made, he said, what else can we send down there? I think some more de-cluttering is going to happen.

    1. You and your husband will have to plan a trip down here some time to enjoy my cooking, then! :)

      Sounds like an excellent reason for decluttering! I, too, need to start decluttering a few things, but just haven't got started.

  4. Happy for you that it is cooling some. The west seems to have had a blistering summer. We are hot and humid, but not unseasonably so.

    1. Thanks, Anne. I think it is just a little breathing spell, because it is supposed to heat up, again, by the end of the week. We should be in the triple digits by the weekend. September can be one of the hottest months, here.

  5. Your dinner looks so yummy! I love a good curry!

    1. Debbie, it was pretty good! Today, I took leftovers for my lunch to the office and several of my colleagues commented on it and one even came to my cubicle to check it out (I tend to eat at my desk). LOL.


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