Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hump Day Slump!

Just in case anyone is wondering (I know I have one or two readers who might not be familiar with our idioms), Wednesday is known as "hump" day because it is the middle day of the work week - it's an uphill climb on Monday and Tuesday to make it to the top of the hill or hump on Wednesday and after that, it is downhill all the way to the longed for weekend!  

Why the slump?  Well, all the recent excitements of the last few days sort of caught up with me, today.  It has been practically non-stop since the mammogram on Thursday, July 27, almost two weeks ago, hasn't it?  The anxiety of waiting for the mammogram results, the appointment with the radiation oncologist on the following Tuesday (August 1), the root canal on Thursday (August 3), the development of the stye over the weekend, receiving the mammogram results on Monday, the water heater quitting on Tuesday   It's hard to maintain that level of intensity!

Today, I felt tired.  My eye was much better, but staring at the computer all day at work caused a slight headache and my root canal tooth ached a bit (I am hoping it is not an infection, although I took all the antibiotics I was told to take).

Before I left for work, I called my aunt to wish her a safe flight, as she was leaving for France, today.  Later in the morning, my cousin P called to give me the phone number of the company that installed her tankless water heater for her.   But I didn't call the company, because I have decided to go with a regular tank water heater.

I had taken cold cuts sandwiches, a banana, and cherries for my breakfast and lunch and some raw cashews for a snack, but, around 2:30 p.m. I wanted something different for a snack.  So, I went down to the drug store/pharmacy and prowled along the snack aisles.  The cookies didn't appeal, the chips didn't appeal, the chocolates and the candies didn't tempt.  Even the ice cream didn't appeal.  How sad is that?  I just talked to my friend who is the pharmacist there and shared the good news about the mammogram results with her and went back to the office without buying any snacks!

But I more than made up for it on my way home!  I stopped for a hamburger ($1; 260 cals) and a hot fudge sundae ($1.49; 330 cals - without peanuts)!  Not the healthiest choice of dinners, obviously.

Came home, ate my hamburger and sundae, took an ibuprofen, and took a 2 hour long nap!  Felt better after that, but it means I didn't do anything after I came home, other than reply to a friend's email and video chat with daughter.

Today, I am grateful for:
- A safe drive to and from the office
- Air conditioning at the office, even if it was too cold for me (I was wearing a sweater and still felt cold!); fans at home
- Hugs from colleagues when they found out about the mammogram results!
- Naps on the sofa
- A drama-free day

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with the podiatrist.  Usually, they call me on the day prior to my appointment to remind me, but this time, they didn't call!  After the earlier mishap with the appointment with the radiation oncologist, in July, I don't want to assume anything, so I will call the podiatrist's office in the morning to confirm the appointment.  My plan is to go to the office in the morning and then, go to the appointment in the afternoon, and then, come home.  I haven't decided yet if I will go to the farmers market in the morning.  It all depends on just how loudly I hear those croissants calling my name, I suppose!

How was your "hump" day?  Do you, too, experience a slump some days?


  1. Oh I think you did quite well on hump day with your eating plan. You could have done much worse than a small hamburger and sundae! I would certainly have wanted fries with that.

    Up even earlier than usual to drive hubby for a procedure at the surgical center. I did drink my tea and managed a round of toast. Results were encouraging but he has to have another test to determine the outcome. Came home and had a bite to eat, sat in the easy chair and fell asleep.

    Hope your eye and root canal is better today. If you do have any discomfort please call the dentist. Don't delay.

    1. Sandy, I hope your husband's additional tests will have good results. You were probably quite worn out with worry over the tests (and getting up earlier than usual) and needed that nap! Yes, I thought of getting some fries, but I wouldn't have got the sundae if I had fries and I wanted ice cream more than I wanted fries! Next time, I'll get a cone and ask them to put it into a cup because it will melt before I get home!

      Eye and tooth are both better, today, thank you.

  2. Isn't it great to eat something not "nutritious" once in a while? It's the whole concept of a treat, again, because you don't eat it every day.
    I think we all have our slump days, sometimes they coincide with the weather. I don't feel in a slump right now as I have found plenty to do indoors on this rainy day, but I was rather hoping for another fine morning as I wanted to do some gardening!

    1. Well, yes, it is a guilty pleasure to indulge in non-nutritious "treats" occasionally. I wish you could send some of that rain my way! My garden could really do with some rain. I am hoping that we'll have another wet winter, this year, but I don't think we will.

  3. I call it a crash, you call it a slump. It's just like you described--a long string of stress until your body is just too tired to maintain that intensity. Slumps are good for us. It's our body telling us we need to rest.

    I hope today was a calm day for you and Dancer.

    1. Yes, thank you, Live and Learn; it has been a calmer, more peaceful day. I rescheduled an appointment so now I don't need to stress about rushing from one appointment to another.

  4. I had not heard of hump day before. As I write it is Thursday evening, and I have finished my first week of working only three days-Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday so for me its the week end!!
    The Bristol Balloon Fiesta is this week end and we have friends to visit. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too

    1. How do you like working only three days a week? It sounds quite ideal to me! I could get used to having four-day weekends every week! Have a fun weekend at the Balloon Fiesta and visiting friends.

  5. Not me, I've been stressed so that's been keeping me from "slumping" as I've been trying to keep busy to distract myself.
    Your emotions have been all over the map these past 2 weeks, no wonder you probably feel exhausted and ragged. I hope you got some good croissants today! And also that your family has a safe trip in France.

    1. (((HUGS))) Nathalie; I hope the stress levels go down for you over the next few days.

      I guess I needed a day to recover from everything.

      No croissants, today, after all. I didn't even go to the farmers market. I thought I had better not be tempted into buying any baked goods after having hamburgers and sundaes, yesterday!

  6. Hump day was busy at our house too.. [and yes we say the hump day thing too.ha] I had appointment with new family doctor.. MY doctor of 35 years retired . He was my friend too. I worked with him at the hospital.. He knew me so well, and I trusted him. Needless to say, I am very happy for him, but so down at hunting a new one. I have to find a new one.. Not impressed with the one I saw. The search will continue. eeeh.

    I went to the new grocery store , to check it out[check my blog I posted about it] , after my doctor visit. So really tired when I got home..

    1. Judy, I hope you find a good doctor to replace your doctor of 35 years. I'm glad you have the option of being able to search for one, as opposed to being assigned one.

      I took a quick look at your new posts, but will go back to comments. Hope you get to rest, tomorrow.


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