Monday, August 14, 2017


When one doesn't have a design wall and spreads the quilt-in-progress on the bed, and there is a resident cat, this is what happens:

First, there is a blur:

The Blur

There is much rolling around and squirming and then, the blur resolves itself into Helpful Designer Kitty:

Dancer Helps with the Quilt
Then, he proceeded to take a nap on the quilt top and, of course, I didn't have the heart to pull the quilt top from under him! 

I spent most of the day sewing my quilt.   The top is almost done, except for the final borders.  I need to buy the quilt batting and figure out what I am going to use for the backing.  I usually use a bed sheet or a single piece of fabric for the backing, but I am thinking a pieced backing might be another way of using up the stash! 

In between sewing, I did a load of laundry, washed the dishes, cooked the beef I bought yesterday, cleaned the kitchen a bit, cleaned the litter box, spoke on the phone with my neighbor T (our weekly Sunday morning chat), and watched TV.  I also called my friend S and left a message.

Today, daughter left for Minnesota for a three-day work-related conference.  She called me before she left her apartment; she was flying out from San Francisco and had to leave her apartment before 9:00 a.m. to get to the airport on time.  She called me when she got to the airport and, again, when she boarded the plane.  I turned on the altar light once I knew she had boarded the plane.  It was a five hour flight; she arrived in Minneapolis at 5:00 p.m. our time which was 7:00 p.m. their time.  She found her way from the airport to the hotel and texted me to let me know she arrived safely and I turned off the altar light.  She's sharing the hotel room with a colleague, so we are not video chatting tonight, for the first time since she moved away, 3 years ago!  She went out to dinner with her colleague and called me to wish me a goodnight.  She was happy she was able to watch an in-flight movie and has already picked out the movie she wants to watch on the flight back! 

Today, I am grateful for:
- Daughter had a safe flight to Minneapolis
- She was able to watch an in-flight movie
- She was able to find her way from the airport to the hotel
- Weekly phone calls from neighbor T
- Being able to spend most of the day, sewing

Tomorrow, I have my appointment with the surgeon.  I am hoping I'd be able to make a trip to the fabric store for quilt batting, either before I go to the appointment or after.  

How was your Sunday?


  1. Doesn't matter how old our children get as their mother we continue to care and worry about them. I am always a little amazed that they have no fear whatsoever and no concerns about finding their way. Praying for them always helps me, knowing God is in control.

    Does turning on the altar light have special significient?

    Your daughter is doing very well in her job.

    1. Sandy, yes, I am nervous and worry about daughter and her safety when she travels on her own, especially when she goes out of state and especially these days. Some of my worry is for her safety in general (one hears about plane malfunctions, etc.) but some of it is more specific. Although she's born here and considers herself American, the fact is she looks Asian. People just assume she's an immigrant; she is constantly asked where she is from. and she has already been yelled at, while riding a bus home after classes, by a white man and that's in liberal Berkeley.

      The lit altar light is a prayer for her protection - a request to light her way, to guide her to her destination safely, without any problems, without any difficulties, without any accidents, without being hurt or harmed or subjected to hatred and prejudice.

      Thank you, yes, she's learning a lot and is enjoying the work. She has some nice supervisors and colleagues.

    2. I love the meaning of the altar light - so sorry to hear that she has been yelled at. I would not have expected that in Berkeley.

  2. Hello Bless, I am slowly catching up with what everybody has been up to since returning from our holiday.

    The mammogram news is fantastic, it must be such a weight off your shoulders and your mind. I bet you feel like you're walking on air don't you.

    The pink quilt is lovely, just the sort of colours I love. Did you ever post a picture of the quilt you were making for your niece's baby (I think), or have I missed that?

    Anyway, slowly getting up to speed with everybody now. Have a lovely week and I hope all goes well with the surgeon tomorrow. xx

    1. Welcome back, Suzanne. Hope you had a lovely holiday.

      Yes, I have felt so relieved after receiving the mammogram results; definitely a weight off my shoulders!

      Yes, I did post a picture of the quilt I made for my niece's baby. It is a post titled The Disappearing Yellow Block Quilt, posted on Sunday, July 23:

      Thank you, I hope you have a lovely week, too. Take care, Suzanne, and I wish all the best to you and your family as you go forward.

  3. Bless- praying daughter had a safe flight and safe flight home..
    I felt a tinge of sadness, that you can't video chat tonight as usual.. [Just the habit, that is hard-- I understand, our granddaughter is away at college, and even being so proud of her, the idea, that she is not a few miles away,, is sad.]
    Your quilt is going to be so pretty.. and you have a really cute helper.

    1. Thank you, Judy. She had a good flight there and I am presuming she's having a good day, as I haven't heard from her yet. Hope your granddaughter is enjoying being away at college and there will be frequent visits home. Yes, the helper is certainly cute, isn't he?

  4. Next, I think you should make a quilt with Dancer's picture on it and it can be just for him. Of course, if he's a true cat, he'll show no interest in the one that was made for him and only want to roll around on the ones that are for other people. :)

    1. Yes, he probably won't like a quilt made especially for him, except while I'm making it and on the first day when it is new! LOL.

  5. Obviously Dancer heard about my comment re. his lack of interest in this latest quilt and decided to make up for it! It looks very pretty and I can see that he totally approves.

    I am glad your daughter arrived safely. I'm always relieved to hear when a loved one arrives. We often get a regular stream of planes flying over our little community, both east/west routes and north/south. I sometimes check flight radar and see where they are from and where they are going. When I hear one going over, I pray for a safe landing and comfortable flight for those on board. Keeps me busy some days!

    You asked in a previous reply if I had waffles for breakfast in the restaurant. I don't care to as I don't like their syrup (go figure) My friend has pancakes and one time I had brought a gift of maple syrup so she opened it right there. I had the kiddie breakfast of one slice of toast, one egg, one rasher of bacon and a few home fries. DH and his friend had the big version.

    1. Bushlady, actually, Dancer has been showing a lot of interest in the quilts I have been making. But I don't want to reveal too much of the Mountain quilt until I am ready, so I haven't been posting many of the pictures I've taken of him participating in the quilt making. :)

      That is very kind of you to pray for those flying above your community. I can see how that can keep you busy some days!

      Ha, ha, sounds like you might have to carry your own bottle of home-made maple syrup in a brown paper bag when you go out for breakfast and want a waffle! Your breakfast sounds very good, though.

  6. That Dancer is so darn cute! He obviously appreciates a good quilt :) I hope your surgeon appointment went well, Bless.

    1. Yes, he does!

      The appointment went well enough. I was too tired to write about it, yesterday, but I'll post about it, today.


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