Sunday, August 27, 2017

August Grocery Shopping Overview

My August grocery budget was $75 + $7 carried over from July = $82.00

My grocery spending for the first twenty-four days of the month looked like this:

8/1 = $2.81 (bread and grapes)
8/8 = $6.59 (bread, bananas, lettuce, cold cuts)
8/13 = $7.95 (bread, beef chuck steak, ice cream)
8/15 = $1.90 (milk, bananas)
8/18 = $3.98 (bread, grapes, blackberries)
8/20 = $4.75 (brown sugar, coconut cream, relish, creamcheese/strawberry snacks, bananas)
8/22 =  $19.38 (corn, turkey pot pies, pastries, milk, pork chops, ice cream bars, cold cuts)
8/24 = $6.79 (roasted cashew halves and pieces) 
Total spent to date = $54.15

Then, I went grocery shopping again, on August 26, as follows:
Discount Store:
8/26 Discount Store Purchases
4 boxes of cereal bars, @ $2.50 = $10.00
1 box cookies = $2.00
1 can cream cheese frosting = $1.65
Total =  $13.65

Grocery Store:
8/26 Grocery Store Purchases
1+ lb. beef round steak @$2.77/lb = $5.04
Grapes @$.99/lb = $1.65
Bananas @$.59/lb = $.61
2 cans condensed milk @$1.59 = $3.18
1 cucumber = $.50
Green beans @$1.49/lb = $.73
1 loaf bread = $.99
Total = $12.70

Grocery spending to date = $54.15 + $13.65 + $12.70 = $80.50
August grocery budget = $75 + $7 carried over from July = $82.00 

I would have been just fine, with $1.50 leftover, if I had stopped there!  But, no!  I had to go to the Sri Lankan store!
8/26 Sri Lankan Store Groceries
At the Sri Lankan store, I bought:

6 boxes tea, @$5.49 = $32.94
2 lbs. cashew pieces, @$5.79/lb = $11.58
4 pieces frozen "Seer" fish fillets, @$4.99/lb = $3.19 + $3.19 + $3.14 + $2.99 = $12.51
A lot of tea because they don't always have it in stock and I've learned to stock up when a shipment comes in.  The six boxes I bought should last me at least six months. 

The cashew was the cheapest I've seen anywhere; I am keeping them for making Love Cake, during Christmas.

The fish is a favorite and not available in the regular grocery stores, here.
1 jar fried bread fruit = $3.99
Fried Bread Fruit
1 packet Lemon Puff biscuits (probably my favorite biscuits) = $1.99
Lemon Puff Biscuits
1 packet Nice biscuits (another favorite) = $1.49

Nice (Coconut) Biscuits

Spicy fried lentils = $1.99

Fried Lentils

Murukku = $2.99
  Cocktail mixture (mixture of murukku, fried lentils, peanuts, etc.) = $2.99
Cocktail Mixture

 Sri Lankan Store Total = $72.47!
Total spent on groceries in August = $80.50 + $72.47 = $152.97
Amount overspent = $82.00 - $152.97 =  -$70.97!

How is that for going over budget?

(Susan, what do you think?)

I feel blessed to be able to afford to do this and go over budget.  There was a time, when my family had newly arrived in this country, when we couldn't have afforded to have done this.  I am grateful for the ability to pay almost twice what I have budgeted for groceries in a given month.  

If I were to deduct this amount from September's grocery budget of $75, I will have a total of $4 to spend in September!  Obviously, I am not going to do that!  I often have grocery money leftover in October, because I host the monthly prayer gathering in October and I augment my grocery budget then.  So, I will carry forward the deficit and make it up in October and November.

How did you did with your grocery shopping this month?      


  1. You can afford your groceries and sometimes you just need "comfort foods" from home, you know? Enjoy our Sri Lankan treats!

    And happy belated 43rd anniversary of your arrival. It was quite a story. You should write a book about your life, lol.

    1. Nathalie, you are right - I can afford it. I can even spend that amount every month and still be fine. Some of what I bought on the 26th will be shared with daughter and most of the rest will be eaten in September, so it will even out. I could even consider the treats as an anniversary present to myself - there were, actually, two other anniversaries I celebrated in August, besides coming to the US and leaving Sri Lanka.

      Ha, ha, yes, I should write a book! You wouldn't believe half the things I'd have to say! There's a lot I don't talk about on a public forum such as a blog. But, maybe, one day, if we were to ever meet, I might tell you a few of them, over a plate of rice and curry and some of your homegrown pineapple! :)

  2. BLess, How wonderful that you found the tea that you love, and the other wonderful things . I wouldn't consider this as an over budget buys.. I would consider this............. A anniversary as Nathalie said and add -------------- A super fantastic "clear" of cancer.. You deserve..yea..
    bty... the lemon biscuits look devine.. enjoy-- Hugs.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Yes, this was one big splurge, but it's OK. Sometimes, we have to treat ourselves.

  3. Nathalie's right. You should write a book. And if you don't want to do that, I want to have lunch with you and Nathalie.

    1. Ha, ha, I see a trip to the east coast in my future! :D

  4. If you are going to go over your budget, you should go BIG, or go home. I think you did great to blow it out of the water like that. Haha. This is an expenditure that will not go to waste, as the soul needs nourishment from comfort food and I know you will be sharing these treats with others. Like you said, you are celebrating a few anniversaries this month. And what is a celebration without treats?

    I agree with Nathalie. There are a lot of people who would want to read a story about your life. You tell some terrific ones in your blog.

    1. Thanks, Susan. Never let it be said that I don't know how to blow the budget! I probably won't go back to that particular store for another 3 months, so I had to stock up! That's my excuse and I am going to stick to it!

      Maybe, one day, I might tell a little more about myself. I think my life isn't all that unusual but when I tell bits and pieces of it to my daughter, she just shakes her head! :D

  5. I really enjoyed reading about your over spend and no doubt you will stretch many meals from these purchases. Can't wait to hear about the story pertaining to the Christmas Love cake.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I'll be eating most of what I bought in September into October. Yesterday, for example, I added spices to the beef steaks I bought and froze them in 3 smaller packages to cook later.

      I wrote about the Love Cake, at the beginning of this year. The post is here:


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