Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wednesday: Last Day of November!

Today was another beautiful day: sunny, clear blue skies, an afternoon high of 70F, although it was only 66F inside my house.  The morning was cold (for me) and I had the heater on!  But, in the afternoon, I opened the windows to air out the place.  Now, of course, I have the heater on, again.

I spent most of the day working on office stuff.  I finished one project and sent in the completed work.  Then, I started on a new project.  I also completed my time sheet for this week, showing medical time off taken to go to my doctors' appointments and taking vacation time off tomorrow and Friday to prepare for the almsgiving.

I also attended to my medical insurance renewal for next year.

In the afternoon, I took a lunch break to go for a walk and then, strolled around the front garden, a bit.  One of the plants, an arrowhead vine, that is being grown in a pot but was placed in the front flower bed to fill in a bare spot had fallen over and I went to straighten it up.  But it kept falling over, so I moved it up on to the step leading to the front door, and moved the pot of succulents down a step:

Arrowhead Vine

I found I had to tug a bit to get the pot off the flower bed - apparently, one of the vines had rooted itself to the soil!  That piece of vine broke off and I left it in the ground to grow.

Self-Rooted Arrowhead Vine

 Hopefully, it will fill in that bare spot!

My red climbing rose is doing well after all that rain we had; it had another flower and several buds:

Red Climbing Rose

 The three jade plants by the edge of the garden are beginning to flower:

Jade Plant Flower

 Not to be outdone, the aloe along the wall is also sending out a flower stalk:

Aloe Flower Stalk in the Making

I had stuck a piece of euphorbia in the side of the pot with the arrowhead vine and it has grown there quite happily!  I think, after the excitement of the almsgiving is over, I will ask my gardener to replant it somewhere else in the garden. 

Plants on the Door Steps

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Office work - send in completed work - DONE
- Do time sheets (taking time off on Thursday and Friday) - DONE
- Health insurance renewal - DONE
- Call and remind invitees to the almsgiving, now that the date has been confirmed - DONE
- Wash the almsgiving dishes - THURSDAY

I had a roast beef sandwich for breakfast, today, and cooked a pot of rice and a stir-fry of smoked sausage and zucchini for my lunch.  There are enough leftovers for another couple of meals.  A persimmon for dessert.  Dinner was a leftover half of a baked potato, made into mashed potato with the last bit of daughter's leftover half and half, and more of the sausage/zucchini stir-fry.  Half a small container of yogurt for dessert.  I'll probably have the last of the raspberries before I go to sleep.

My late friend's daughter called to discuss details of the memorial service and I was on the phone with her for awhile.  Afterwards, I video chatted with my daughter. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- Another sunny and warm day
- Getting my health insurance coverage confirmed for next year
- Self-propagating plants
- Being able to be there for my late friend's daughter
- Video chatting with my daughter

How was your last day of November?


  1. I love seeing the pictures of your garden. Most vines will grow as much as you let them, if not more, so hopefully that lovely vine will fill the bare spot. x

    1. Thank you! The garden is picking up again after the rain and with our current cooler temperatures. No rain in the forecast for the next several days, so I'll need to water sometime today or tomorrow.

      I have one or two cuttings from this plant that I've rooted in water; I need to get them planted up. It is supposed to be a house plant, but I've had it outside for years and it seems to be thriving.

  2. Your garden still looks beautiful. Everything in mine has died. It will be very sad looking until the tiny flowers bloom in spring. It seems so far away!

    Now that it is the 1st December I am starting to panic - more about daughter's move than anything. It isn't that far away! Sounds silly but when it was still November it seemed further away lol

    1. One of the blessings of living in a mild climate is, one can garden year round. One of the blessings of living where there's snow in winter is, one can get a break from gardening! Spend the winter planning your spring and summer garden.

      Yes, there's a big difference in thinking "not till the end of next month i.e. someday in the future" and then realizing, "end of THIS month! i.e NOW". (((HUGS))) It will be alright. Are you going with her to help her with the move? Once she has moved, you can start planning your next visit!

  3. The climbing rose is beautiful. It's lovely to look at your garden especially as ours has gone to sleep now until spring.

    Enjoy your holiday from the office. I'm really looking forward to reading about your almsgiving service. xx

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. How about a small collection of conifers for the winter? Would they survive the winter out on your deck, do you suppose?

      I still received a few emails from the office, today, but it's OK as I don't really need to do anything about them until next week. I'm glad I can have these couple of days off to concentrate on the almsgiving. :)


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