Sunday, December 11, 2016

Saturday: Memorial Mass for a Friend

Saturday's post never got saved or published, because I lot internet connection in the evening!  I wrote a long post, too, but all that got saved were the first couple of sentences!  So, here's a recap of Saturday's post:

On Saturday, I attended the memorial mass for my friend who passed away last month.  It was a very emotional service.  Afterwards, I attended the reception her family held at their home.

My cousin had agreed to give me a ride to the memorial service, but she called me in the morning to say her daughter was unable to drive us (cousin doesn't drive anymore) and could I drive and give her a ride, instead.  So, that's what I did.  After the service, I dropped my cousin off at home because she didn't want to go to the reception and drove to the reception on my own.

I didn't stay at the reception for too long - maybe an hour or so - as I didn't want to overdo things and get too tired.  But I was glad that I went to the reception.  I met several people I hadn't seen in awhile.  For several years, starting with my daughter's first Christmas, my late friend used to invite my mother, daughter, and I to Christmas lunch and I used to see several members of her extended family and some friends then.  I think we must have celebrated over 18 Christmases with them.  She only stopped doing the Christmas lunch after her younger daughter married and moved out of state.  Her daughter couldn't come home for Christmas lunch that year and my friend was so sad.  After that, she, her husband and their older daughter would go to the younger daughter's home for Christmas, and my friend's niece started to invite my daughter and me to her house for Christmas.  Yesterday, I got to see some of those friends I'd seen at my friend's Christmas lunches, as well as other friends and family I see more often.

I also got to see my late friend's baby granddaughter.  Just four months old and a cute as can be.  I am so glad my friend was able to live long enough to see her granddaughter.

After the reception, I came home and put away the laundry from the night before, did another load of laundry, and did some paperwork.  I also cleaned the smaller bathroom (just the toilet and sink), swept my bathroom, and cleaned the litter box.  Just some minimal housekeeping, until I get the go ahead from my doctors.

We had a foggy morning, yesterday, but there was some sunshine late morning and very early afternoon.  Then, by 2:00 p.m., it got gloomy, again.  The weather forecast said it would rain in the night, but, as far as I know, it didn't rain. It is another cloudy, overcast day, today, too; maybe it will rain?  No, just checked the weather forecast and there is only a 10% chance of precipitation, today.  There is more rain in the forecast for next week, so we'll see if we get any during the week.

On Saturday, I was grateful for:

- Being able to attend my friend's memorial mass and reception, as well
- Being able to drive myself as needed and give a ride to my cousin
- Seeing some friends I hadn't seen in awhile
- Meeting my late friend's baby granddaughter
- Speaking on the phone with my cousin and aunt; video chatting for a bit with my daughter (at least until I lost internet connection!)

Saturday's To Do List:
- Attend my friend's memorial mass (a cousin will give me a ride there and back) - DONE; I drove us
- Put away the laundry - DONE
- Do another load of laundry - DONE
- Some paperwork - DONE
- Clean the litter box - DONE
- Clean the bathroom - DONE

Sunday's To Do List:
- Put away laundry from Saturday
- Clean the other bathroom (sink and toilet; sweep floor)
- More paperwork and filing
- Call sister (she had called twice and left messages) - DONE
- Check weather forecast (DONE) and water the back garden, if needed
- Start thinking about holiday gifts!

How was your Saturday?  What have you planned for the weekend?


  1. What a pity you lost your internet connection. I think we have all had that happen and we think then that we will always save as we write and then we soon forget until the next time we lose all that we have written! It is quite frustrating to lose that work.

    I'm glad you found the memorial mass and the lunch a help for you. I often sing in the choir at memorial masses or funeral masses and it is a privilege to be joining in the prayers for someone's loved one and their families and friends. How nice to catch up with so many special people and even a new baby!

    I hope you do get some rain for your garden.

    1. Bushlady, a soloist from the church choir did play and sing (though not the whole choir) and I thought of you, because I remembered you saying you sing at such masses. :) Two family friends also sang.

      No rain, today, so I have turned the sprinklers on.

  2. Hugs to you Bless as you mourn the loss of your dear friend and celebrate her life. Wonderful that you were also able to visit with friends and reconnect.

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. I am glad I was able to attend the events and reconnect with friends.

  3. It sounds like it was a good memorial, with lots of friendship and love there. I'm glad you could make it. So sorry for your loss. x


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