Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Garden in December

Took a walk around the back garden, this afternoon (with my cell phone in hand), to get a little fresh air and see what is happening in the back yard.

The hibiscus is blooming:

The Hibiscus

So are the few paperwhites that are left:


 The oranges that didn't split open and fall are starting to ripen:


Ripening Oranges

 A bit further down the garden, the rosemary bush is flowering:


 There are buds on one of the lemon trees:


Lemon Buds

 Flowers on the second lemon tree (as well as a new crop of lemons):


Lemon Blossoms

 And more fruit ripening on the third lemon tree:

Ripening Lemons

I decided to pick the paperwhites to bring them inside, along with a few branches I broke off the pine tree which grows near my back garden wall.  I arranged them in three vases; one for the altar, two for the fireplace mantel:


Flowers for the House

 Do you see him, investigating the vases?

Dancer Camouflaged by the Greenery

I placed two of the vases on either side of the living room mantel, along with the two holiday cards I have received so far:

Flowers for the Mantel

I had also picked enough pine branches to arrange in a vase to place on the hearth:

A Bit of Winter Decor

But a certain kitty couldn't keep away from the pine needles and ate some!  And promptly threw up!  So, I had to move the vase of pine branches out of his reach!  On top of the bookcase, where I have my living room altar, along with the third vase of flowers:

Living Room Altar with Flowers and Pine Branches

I might move the vase of pine branches to the dining area (on top of the bookcase or china cabinet), later. 


  1. I checked this morning for news from you. Look what happens when you are so good about writing a post every day. People come to expect it from you. Not like me, who writes hit and miss. Anyways, I was concerned when there wasn't anything there since your appointment on Friday. Glad to see there were two posts tonight. What a shame you lost your good long post from Saturday.

    I'm glad you were able to attend the memorial for your friend and that you were able to go to the reception afterwards. Wasn't it lovely to visit with old friends and reminisce about happy times with your dear friend. I am happy that she lived to see her new grandbaby.

    Loved the garden tour this morning. Those pine branches are extraordinary. They are so beautiful on their own, but really enhance the paper whites in those bouquets. They look so "wintery" and Christmas like. At least you can have flowers indoors. Our Brucie will not let me keep flowers in the house. He dumps the vases over, spilling the water everywhere, and drags each flower out of the vase. I have since given up on trying to keep flowers. *laugh*

    1. Thank you, Susan, for checking and being concerned. I appreciate that, very much.

      Dancer likes to eat flowers, too. Roses, especially. He will pull other flowers out of vases, as well. But he doesn't jump up on the mantel is the sofa is pulled far enough away from it. However, I usually move the vases to a higher shelf or another room in the night.

      I, too, like the look of the pine branches. This is a pine tree I grew from a tiny little seedling, given to me at an Earthday celebration about 25 years ago! It is supposed to be an air purifier type of pine (can't remember the name). No pinecones, on it so far, though. I can't smell the scent of the pine for the scent of the paperwhites, but I hope to bring in more pine branches, later, in January.

  2. It's so wonderful to see all the pretty flowers and colors in your garden, after the years of drought. I can imagine that you must be thrilled! The pine branch arrangements look so festive. And, Dancer is quite the mischievous kitty, isn't he?

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. I am happy to see what is still thriving in the garden. :) Yes, he is definitely a mischievous cat!

  3. Thank you for posting those lovely photos which I am looking at while outside we have a lot of snow on all the branches as well as on the ground! I love rosemary but it wouldn't survive outside so I have a pot in the dining room on a wicker stool, right beside me as it happens. Naughty Dancer getting into the pine needles! Cats do love to mess with plants and flower arrangements, don't they?

    1. You are quite welcome, Bushlady. :) I'll do my best to keep you supplied with some pictures of garden plants through the winter!

      Dancer looked longingly at the pine branches when I brought them out of the room where I had kept them overnight; but he settled for a piece of lettuce (he's a bit weird in that he loves to eat leaves!)

  4. Your flowers look so beautiful. As for your cat, well, that's cats for you! Pine can give cats a poorly tummy, but give a cat a chance for mischief and all sense goes out of the window. Good luck finding a cat proof place! x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. I put the vases in daughter's bedroom, overnight, and closed the door so Dancer couldn't get to them. The vase of pine branches is in the dining room on top of the bookcase, there. Dancer got a piece of lettuce to snack on. I think he thinks he's a rabbit! Loves to eat lettuce, spinach, the leaves of broccoli and cauliflower, etc.

    2. We once had a cat that lived for burfi and tomato soup. I tried explaining 'carnivore' to her, but she just carried on stealing indian sweets and soup. She went mad for pea pods as well. It just goes to show. x

  5. Your garden looks so pretty, with all the blooming flowers and fruit.. A big change from the hot summer months.
    The lemons look so pretty on the tree too.. Have a great day.
    Dancer is enjoying the decorations.ha

    1. Thank you, Judy. The garden does better in the cooler months.


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