Saturday, December 17, 2016

Front Garden in Mid December

The front garden is doing well after all the rain we had on Thursday.  For those of you who are having snow and ice:


The lantana is flowering!  I hope our night-time temperatures don't dip too low to cause any frost damage.

Aloe Flower Stalks

The aloe plants all have flower stalks.  It will be awhile before the flowers actually open up.  In the meantime, they look a bit like antennae, don't they?


African Daisy Seedlings

The African daisies have self-seeded and the little seedlings are starting to grow.  I will leave the old dead stems in place for a few more weeks, as they provide a bit of cover for the seedlings.

The climbing rose seems to think it is summer, again!

Climbing Rose

And the purple African daisies and dusty miller growing at the base of the climbing rose are doing well, too:

Dusty Miller and African Daisies

Yes, it was a sunny day and the afternoon was warm.  I walked a bit, up and down my block, and enjoyed the sunshine and the fresh air.  Visited two of my neighbors, as well.

But, other than that, I wasn't too productive.  I slept in as I felt tired; had half a roast beef sandwich for brunch because I didn't feel like eating the other half, read blogs, checked the lights on the Christmas tree (they work), called my friend who is hosting this month's rosary prayer meeting tomorrow and made my apologies for not being able to attend (just don't feel up to making the long drive there and back), and just took it easy.   Haven't accomplished anything on my To Do list for today, although I will make myself put away the laundry, at least. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to sleep in
- Sunshine and pleasant weather
- The garden is doing well
- A little bit of a walk this afternoon
- Visiting two of my neighbors

How was your Saturday?  Hope it was more productive than mine!


  1. I have a little striped aloe plant in a small pot and now I'm wondering if I repot the poor thing it will one day decide to flower.

    I'm glad you are learning to take time to relax more and not force yourself to go places unless you have no choice, like the medical stuff. Soon enough you will be able to do more as you regain strength. I enjoyed reading that you had a pleasant walk in the warm sunshine, visiting neighbours as well.

    We had constant snow today and I managed to get the car out and when I got up to the main highway and saw the state of it, I was very glad I didn't have to go very far on it! I did some grocery shopping and decided to pick up a frozen turkey and a few other things for Christmas dinner while I was out. I think part of me was wondering if I'd get another chance in this winter! I was following the snow plough back on the highway so that was better. Our driveway hasn't been ploughed at all today, but we still managed to get out later to a restaurant where we met with 2 other couples for an Indian buffet dinner. That was delicious! I love to try different foods.


    1. You might try repotting it in a larger pot. Use a well-draining potting mixture. Also, give it plenty of light. Aloes require lots of light to flower.

      Yes, I am learning that it really is OK if I don't do everything.

      Glad you were able to get to the grocery stores and back, safely, and pick up what you needed for the Christmas dinner. Glad, too, that you were able to get together with friends for dinner, later. :)

  2. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of flowers! Colour in the garden keeps me going when all I do see is snow.

    I admit to not doing all that much today - a little shopping and a little wrapping. Tomorrow we are going over to MIL to celebrate daughter's birthday which is on Monday. She'll be 23 - how time flies!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the pictures, Sharon. Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing day. Happy birthday to your daughter! My daughter is 23, too, but her birthday was in March.

  3. Your garden is absolutely beautiful.. [Makes me miss summer,ha]
    Hope you feel better soon.. I am proud you rested today.. Your body is telling you, it needs rest..Praying for you.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I felt a bit guilty about not doing much, today, but I knew I shouldn't push myself when I felt tired. I learned that lesson, just 2 weeks ago!

    2. Yes you did.. smile
      Never feel guilty..It's ok to take a nap and listen to your body's message.. When I came in from church today, I was just tired and didn't feel well [I think I over did yesterday?] anyway, I laid on the couch, as hubby was watching a cooking show.. I fell off to sleep and I feel much better now..
      When will daughter get to come home for Christmas? Know your looking forward to that.

    3. Glad you took a nap, Judy. She'll come home on 23rd night. Definitely looking forward to it. :)

  4. Just catching up with all you're news Bless. So glad the doctors appointments have been good and that you are now able to go on your walks around the block again.

    Love the reindeer but I really love the baubles hanging in the photo frame. Will have to remember that for next year, such a simple but very effective decoration.

    I'm glad you are still taking it easy. Listening to your body is very important and although you might feel guilty about not doing very much at the moment I'm sure it'll pay off in the long run. xx

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. I felt a bit low, yesterday, but I am glad I took it easy. I feel much better for it, today.

      Hope you are enjoying the weekend and the anticipation of Christmas. And please tell that elf to behave himself!

  5. I haven't been ill, but today I am feeling a bit draggy. So I have decided I am going to take a wee nap and I will not feel guilty. You shouldn't either. You have been through a very busy week with the office work and all the medical appointments that seem to come at once. It is the weekend after all, so you should be rejuvenating your body and spirit for the coming days.

    1. Glad to hear you are going to take a nap, Susan. Yes, we do need to rest and recharge our batteries, don't we? Thank you for reminding me all what I did during the week. Medical appointments and office work on top of them do take their toll. :)

  6. I was thrilled to read you went for a walk in the sunshine. Good on you! The sun shines brightly here too, but it's minus 26C :( I so wish you would ask your primary physician, or anyone on your medical group if you would benefit from a program designed specifically for you. I know you dislike most vegetables and the very idea of physical activity but I am worried. Can I persuade you to try a 1/2 tomato sandwich possibly with cucumber, avocado, sprouts of any type, with a tiny crumble of cream cheese or feta or anything at hand that you might be willing to bite?

    1. Very sweet of you to worry, Hon. I have been walking a little, most days; only stopped for a bit because the nurse practitioner advised against it just after my fall. And I promise you, I am trying to eat more vegetables, salads, etc. :)


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