Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Update

I drove myself to the clinic for my immune booster injection this morning while daughter slept in.  They checked my temperature, as usual, and it was normal, which was good.  My blood pressure was good, too.  I received my injection and drove myself home again.  What a blessing to have a working car!

After I came home, I called my supervisor at the office to update her on the status of my work assignments (I am working from home during my treatments).  I will update her again, later in the week.

Daughter still had a low grade (100.2F) fever, today.  So she kept to her room and worked on her homework assignments.  Later in the afternoon, I drove her to the airport.  I sent her back with some frozen cooked salmon, frozen cooked vegetables and cashew curry, four apples and three of the last four oranges from my tree.  She still has a package of the frozen chicken curry I sent with her last week and canned fruits, etc.  So she should be fine for food, this week.  She won't need to go grocery shopping or cook when she's not feeling well.  And, if anyone is wondering if there's enough for me, I have a head of cabbage, three beets, most of a bag of carrots and the last wedge of lettuce for fresh vegetables and two apples, two pears, two tangerines and three oranges for fresh fruit, plus frozen and canned items.  I will need more fresh produce by the end of the week, but I can always ask one of my friends or a neighbor to pick some for me. 

I've suggested to daughter that she takes the day off from her classes and work, tomorrow, and books an appointment at the campus clinic to have herself checked.  She might be 23 years old and just finishing up her Master's, but I still worry about her!  She has agreed to taking off from classes and calling her workplace to see if she can work from home.  She also checked on-line to see if she could get an appointment at the clinic, but there weren't any available.  She said that if she still had a fever tomorrow morning, she'll call the clinic in the morning to see if she can get a "same day" appointment.

After I dropped daughter off at the airport and came home, I sprayed the house with disinfectant and opened the windows to air out the place.  Later, I cleaned out the fridge, emptied the waste bins and kitchen trash, etc., and took the big trash cans to the curb for trash pick up in the morning.

Later in the evening, I video chatted with daughter, and spoke on the phone with an aunt and a friend.  I began to feel a bit achy (side effect of the injection), so took two Tylenols.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Daughter had a safe flight back to Berkeley
- I was able to send enough food back with her
- She is allowed to carry food on the plane with her
- My temperature was normal when it was checked
- Phone calls from family and friends

How was your Monday?  Did you have a good day?


  1. Hi, I acknowledge your experience as a breast cancer survivor is significantly different than mine , I'm delighted to see you are baby stepping back to normal by driving to your appointments for injection, check ups and daughter to airport. How many minutes from parking stall to injection seat? Do your doctors/care givers recommend you not drive because of side effects of meds? I'll be thrilled to see you've been for a walk unless care givers continue to recommend isolation. I saw the words vegetable curry and actually clapped! I hope you know you've a whole passel of folks concerned about you, we just don't live on your street.

    1. Hi Hon, thank you so much for your concern. :) I'm OK to drive as long as the meds don't make me feel dizzy, etc. So far, I've not driven myself home immediately after a chemo session (daughter has always been there to do that), but I've felt well enough to do so. Should daughter not be able to come down for this Friday's chemo, I'm sure I can drive myself home without any problem.

      It's not that far from the parking structure to the clinic, just half a block. I do go for walks around the block some days; just not as often as I should. Should make a point of including that in my posts. :)

      I hope you are keeping well and enjoying some nice, spring-like weather. Take care.

  2. Good news about your visit to the clinic. It always amazes me how people who are having chemotherapy still find the strength physically and mentally to go about their every day business. Glad to hear your daughter arrived safely back at university. I'm beginning to realise it's actually possible to worry more about children as they get older than when they were younger! Hope your aches are better. Take care. xx

    1. Yes, I am feeling better, today, thank you. As parents, we want to keep our children safe, but as they get older and more independent, we have less control over their experiences. It's that lack of control that causes us to worry, I think.

      Hope you've had a lovely day, today.

  3. Proud you had a good trip to the clinic.. But, sorry for the side effects. Also sorry daughter is still not feeling well.Hope she gets an appointment. I understand you worry about her.. I don't think they get too old for us to not worry.[mine are 42 and 38 and I still worry about them.ha]
    Had a good /busy day..Lots of packing/unpacking /whew, where did all this stuff come from??
    Hope you have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you, Judy. It's amazing what a lot of stuff we manage to accumulate, isn't it? Especially when we've been in one place for some time. Might be a good time to declutter as you pack! Hope you have a blessed week.

  4. Hope your daughter is feeling better today Bless!

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. Yes, she's feeling a lot better. :)


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