Saturday, April 30, 2016

Chemo Session Number 7 Crossed Off the List!

I went for my chemo session number seven this morning!  Five more left!  The session went off smoothly.  I felt a bit sleepy immediately afterwards, so I was glad that daughter was there to drive me home.  I dozed a bit on the drive home!  Of course, I wasn't sleepy when I got home.

We picked up some Chinese food for lunch, but my taste buds have changed.  I didn't much care for the pepper chicken and steamed rice I ordered.  Daughter gave me her beef and ate the chicken, which she said was quite good.

In the afternoon, I worked on my office work and sent off this week's completed assignment, later in the evening. 

I took a break when my gardener came to attend to the garden.  He brought me more aloe cuttings to plant.  We are redoing the front parkway.  I forgot to take pictures, today, so I'll take some tomorrow.

My daughter went to the pharmacy for me to pick up my medication refills.  Later, she went to a pot-luck dinner and games evening at a friend's house.  She decided her contribution to the pot-luck would be banana bread; I couldn't finish eating all the bananas my friend and my cousin brought for me last Saturday and they are getting a bit too ripe!  Her friends had planned to go grocery shopping for their pot-luck dinner and cook together.  But daughter had everything she needed to make the banana bread, so she and I packed everything into a tote bag for her to take with her.  She left a little after 4:00 p.m., but I guess the grocery shopping, cooking, and games took a little longer than expected.  She just texted me to say they were just getting ready to eat, and she'll be home a little later than she had first thought.  I said it was OK.  I'll probably still be up, anyway!  I told her to save me a slice of her banana bread!  Most probably I'll be making another loaf of banana bread with the rest of the ripe bananas, tomorrow.

Daughter said her thesis presentation went well, yesterday.  She said she was extremely nervous at first and spoke too fast, until one of the two evaluating professors told her it was OK to slow down a bit!  She said she felt more relaxed for the rest of the presentation.  She finished her presentation well within her 10-minute allotted time.  But during the question and answer session, one of the professors asked her a question that didn't relate to the thesis and it threw her off for a bit. She said she was able to sort of answer it in a round-about way.  Afterwards, her thesis advisor, who had also been in the audience, had told her that she thought it was not a fair question.  After it was all over, one of the professors asked her if she was feeling better now that it was all over.  Daughter said she told him she won't be able to relax till she finds out how she did and he had given her a thumbs up!   And the other professor had told her she did well.  So, it sounds like it went well.  But, of course, she is waiting until she gets the official notification that she passed to believe it.

Daughter also told me that her supervisor at work, who had also attended the thesis presentation, sent an email afterwards, to all the staff who had attended Wednesday's practice presentation, saying they'll all be happy to hear that daughter did really well at the thesis presentation.  I thought that was very nice of her supervisor.  Daughter's thesis is related to the work she is currently doing and will be doing once she starts working full time in June.

Yesterday, I was grateful for:

- Friends and family wishing daughter well on her presentation
- Daughter's presentation seems to have gone well
- She has received a lot of support from her supervisors and colleagues
- She had a safe flight home
- Daughter is home for the weekend!

Today, I am grateful for:

- Daughter is home for the weekend!  :D
- Chemo session #7 is behind me.
- Gardener friend gave me free plants.
- Daughter is having a fun evening with her friends.
- Family and friends calling to check on me.

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. So happy your daughter's thesis presentation went well!

    1. Thank you, Jess! :) She is feeling very relieved she got through it!

  2. Sending good wishes for your daughter's final mark. Just to attempt what she is doing is beyond so many people, and fingers crossed she'll get a good grade. Envying you the banana bread - I must get some made! x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. It took a lot of effort and sacrifice, not to mention money! There were some tears, as well, as it was the first time she's been away from home and she felt very homesick at the beginning and I missed her. Plus all the angst over my diagnosis. But the one thing I told her was not to put her studies on hold. To push through for the two years and it will be worth it. I am proud of my daughter and proud to be her parent. :)

      Daughter brought me a couple of slices of the banana bread she made with her friend's help. It was very good. I'll be making my banana bread, later today.

  3. I'm so glad about the positive feedback for your daughter's thesis presentation. I was thinking of her and praying about it. I look forward, as you both will, to the final results. She has done so well to take it all in her stride, supporting you so lovingly while in the midst of this important time in her studies.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, Bushlady. It's been rather stressful for her, but as we were discussing this morning, it's going to be behind her, very soon.

  4. Very pleased to hear your daughter's presentation went well. I bet you are both relieved it's over. The pot luck dinner sounds great fun and a lovely way for your daughter to unwind by spending time with friends. Amy is off out for a sleepover tonight at her friends. As usual I don't expect much sleeping will get done.

    I bet it feels good that there's are less chemo sessions left now than what you've already had :) xx

    1. Thank you! Yes, we are glad that it's over!

      Apparently, the pot luck dinner was also a bit of a bulk cooking session to help out one friend who doesn't know to cook much, is on his own for a short while, and it was his birthday weekend. He bought the groceries, they all cooked together and had fun doing so, had dinner, and there was plenty leftover for the friend to eat over the week. :)

      It does feel good that I am over the half way point as far as treatments go. The end is in sight!

      Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


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