Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday, December 2: Rain (and Today'sTo Do List)

It is raining here, today!  For us, after 3 years of drought, the rain is a blessing (we desperately need it) even though there are associated problems (mud slides in areas made bare by fires during the summer and fall, slippery roads, possible flash floods, etc.).  Right now, we are having gentle showers in the area where I live and my garden is thirstily absorbing all the wonderful rain.

I like rainy days.  Especially since I am home from work, today.  I have planned to do some sewing and a few other things.

Today's To Do List:

- Put away the laundry hung up to dry overnight
- Do another load of laundry and hang up to dry
- Cook the pork chops I bought yesterday (at $.99/lb. a great bargain)
- Do the dishes
- Finish cutting up the nightdress and start sewing
- Start making holiday gifts

What's the weather in your area, today?  What have you planned to do today?

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