Saturday, December 6, 2014

Company's Coming

What's your first reaction?

Do those words fill you with delight? "Oh, I'll see my friends/family/loved ones again! How nice!"

Or do they fill you with dread? "Oh, no! The house is a mess!"

Do they send you off on a flurry of activity to clean up the house, tidy the mess, or do you look around and smile serenely?

If you are like me, most probably it'll be a mixture of delight at the prospect of seeing the visitors and dread that they will see your house in its current state!  My first thought will be, "It'll be lovely to see friends/family". My second thought will be: "Got to tidy up the house!" LOL.

In exactly 2 weeks' time, I'll be having a religious gathering at my home which will be attended by clergy, family, and friends.  Today, I made a checklist of things to do, including cleaning the house.

I try to keep the living room more or less company ready - I won't have to do much in there, other than dust, vacuum, rearrange the furniture to accommodate the L-shaped seating arrangement required for the event, and remove the folding laundry airer I have set up in front of the heater to dry the laundry.   Of course, I'd like to recover the sofas (the cat has clawed and torn the upholstery), replace the drapes that are worn, and polish the decorative brassware.  But, most likely, those things won't get done.

The dining area is fine, too; I just have to remove the sewing machine I have set up on the table.  I'd like to clean the chandelier and replace the drapes.  I might be able to do the chandelier, but the drapes will stay.  Maybe I can vacuum them. 

The family room needs to be picked up and tidied, as well as dusted and vacuumed, and the sofa covers changed.  And then, there's the kitchen and the bathrooms to be cleaned.  Not to mention the bedrooms. 

I've been asked why I feel the need to do so much cleaning before company comes.  I feel I need to do it because my house is messy!

So, what would tidying up the house before company arrives entail for you?

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