Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Preparations

Every year, Christmas comes on the 25th of December.  Every year, I start making my preparations well in advance.  Every year, I have the best of intentions to be ready by Christmas day.  Some years, I actually manage to achieve what I intend.  Other years, well, I'm scrambling along with Santa's elves!

This is one of those years, where I am not quite ready.  Partly due to getting ill, I am behind my schedule, when it comes to decorating, gift making, and gift buying.  My house is not decorated, half my gifts are not made yet, and I only went shopping once!

On the other hand, the cards were written and mailed in good time, the gifts that needed mailing were made and posted last week, my neighbor's gift was given to her today, and the gifts of homemade jam have been wrapped to be handed to my colleagues at the office, tomorrow.  So I am somewhat on schedule, after all!

As for decorating - that's what Christmas Eve is for!

How are you coming along with your preparations for Christmas? 

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