Sunday, December 7, 2014

Organizing the Weekend

How do you organize your weekend? Do you plan it out in advance? Is your Saturday typically a clean house/do laundry/grocery shop/run errands kind of day? Is Sunday reserved for religious activities and perhaps family visits?

When do you fit in ME-time for yourself? When do you do a sewing project or work on crafts? When do you garden? Or do a weekly cooking/baking session? Or reorganize that closet?

I keep fluctuating between doing a little bit of household cleaning every day during the week and keeping the weekend free to do projects vs. not doing a lot during the week due to long working & commuting hours and trying to fit in everything on the weekend!

I typically do the grocery shopping and laundry on the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. And I plan to do the deep cleaning/big projects on the weekends, too. And, for the most part, I run out of weekend before I finish my weekend to-do list! 

So, how do you plan out and organize your weekend?

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