Sunday, December 28, 2014

On The Second Day of Christmas

No partridges in pear trees or turtle doves, but, there was a ripe persimmon which I shared with daughter, followed by two oranges I picked fresh from the tree in the back garden.  Very sweet and full of vitamin C!

Later in the afternoon, we did the last of our holiday gift shopping.  Well, daughter's gift is not bought yet.  We shopped for it, today, but the exact item she wants was not available in the store and the next shipment is expected next week.  But that's OK, because I had already told her that this year, she'll be getting New Year's gifts from me.

In addition to gift shopping, I also bought a couple of items for myself, today: some of my favorite cologne spray (on 50% off sale) and a package of socks!  The 6 pairs of socks cost more than the cologne!   :D  

In the evening, daughter put final touches to two of the gifts she's making for her friends while I did a load of laundry and wrapped gifts and the cat pounced on tissue paper and batted at the curling ribbons!  :)  Then, I tidied up the living room and dusted the furniture.

Tomorrow, I need to tidy up the family room a bit.  In the afternoon, daughter and I will go to a friend's house for a prayer meeting.

How was your second day of Christmas?

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