Monday, December 8, 2014

Time Management and Today's To Do List

Who among us feels she has enough time to do everything she has to and wants to do?  I know I don't!  I have struggled with time management for years.  I have done time schedules, previously, where I'd block out the time I didn't have available to do housework, crafts, etc.  Time spent sleeping, commuting to and from work, the time spent at the office, and time spent taking my daughter to campus, extracurricular activities and waiting for her, etc.  When all that had been blocked off, I truly had very little time and by then, I was too tired to do much.

These days, daughter is away at university, so, technically, I have more time to attend to things.   Unfortunately, I tend to be more relaxed when I know I have more time.  I come home from work and instead of attacking housework, paperwork, etc., I relax in front of the TV and video chat with daughter!  As a result, things have piled up!  With my year-end almsgiving and the holidays approaching, I need to manage my time a little better in order to do everything that must be done.  Or, rather, to do everything that I have deemed must be done!  LOL.  I do tend to get a bit carried away with grand schemes of what must be done, at times.  As one of my friends commented in her email to me, I tend to insist on homemade instead of purchased and thus create more work for myself. 

Well, one of the tools of good time management is having a schedule.  Another is a "to do" list.  So, here's today's to do list:

- Grocery shop at ethnic store 1 for red rice, palm treacle, curry powder, cloves, etc.
- Grocery shop at ethnic store 2 for garbanzo, candied ginger, etc.
- Shop for paper napkins and holiday cards (instead of the homemade I had planned, although I still might make one or two!)
-  Cook lentils
- Wash 5 remaining kitchen upper cabinet doors (started yesterday) and top of fridge
- Put away laundry from yesterday and do another load/hang to dry
- Take trash cans to curb
- Write rest of holiday cards (started yesterday)
- Continue to read my library book

That will keep me nicely busy for the rest of the day!

Does anyone else struggle with time management?  What have you found to be helpful?


  1. Wish you could be persuaded to buy name cards and napkins. I pulled out the kitchen ladder, checked the top of my fridge and squared up the basket that holds kitchen towels. Are you benefitting from all the rain? Is Berkley [north] getting rain? When does DD return for holiday break? Is it cost effective for her to take a bus between Berkley and valley?

    1. Hon, we received some rain earlier, and we are supposed to get another storm tomorrow. Looking forward to getting some rain. Berkeley is getting rain, too. DD returns home tomorrow! She'll be flying in. Hope all is well with you; keeping you in my thoughts.


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