Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday, December 11: Home for the Holidays and the Daily To Do List

Today, my daughter is expected home for the holidays!  This is her first time flying alone and she doesn't like flying!  As if that wasn't enough stress for her, she woke up to find there's no electricity in her apartment due to the storm they are experiencing!  (According to the morning news, some 80,000 homes are without power up there!)

First we fretted about the food in her freezer (won't know how long the electricity will be off and if the food will thaw before power is restored).  Then, it occurred to me that she needs to take the subway to get to the airport and will the subway run if there's no power?  A quick check on-line showed that while some subway stations are closed, the one she will take is still open and the subway is operating, although there are delays.  I expect there will be delays at the airport, too.  But, hopefully, she'll be able to catch her scheduled flight and there won't be too much turbulence and she'll be home again, safe and sound, this afternoon.  I have my altar light on; I'll keep it on until she's home again.  

I've taken a vacation day off from work, today.  So, I've a little extra time to do things around the house while I wait for daughter to come home.

My daily to do list for today:
- call the temple to confirm almsgiving date - DONE
- call a colleague - DONE
- call daughter - DONE 
- tidy the kitchen counters - DONE
- clean the kitchen appliances (stove top, microwave, toaster, etc.) - DONE
- tidy the family room - DONE
- tidy the 3rd bedroom - DONE
- vacuum - DONE
- pick up daughter from airport - DONE
- buy milk - DONE
- visit neighbor - DONE
- call cousin - DONE
- write out the rest of the cards
- cook garbanzo beans - DONE
- prepare the almsgiving donations envelopes

What are your plans for today?

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