Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kitchen Drawers

Now that I have managed to partially clear the kitchen counters, it's time to move on to the kitchen drawers!

I have a total of 5 drawers in my kitchen, although one of them is actually a wide, double drawer.

Two are deep drawers, next to the stove, where I store my containers of dried legumes and lentils, bulk bought spices, curry powder, etc. Each drawer is approx. 15 inches wide.

Two are shallow drawers, each approx. 15 in. wide, one on each side of the stove, where I keep cooking utensils - knives, vegetable peeler, tongs, strainer, etc. are in one drawer; the mixer attachments, rubber spatulas, pizza cutter, ice cream scoop, etc. are in the other drawer.

The double drawer, approx. 30 inches wide, is also shallow. It is divided in the middle. One side of it is where I store all the "lunch making" items: roll of foil, plastic cling wrap, and wax paper; snack/sandwich bags, freezer bags; plastic spoons and forks, etc. The other side is my "useful" drawer (a.k.a. "junk" drawer) - here, I store such useful items such as twist ties, rubber bands, plastic produce bags (used to make sure packed lunches don't leak gravy, etc.), the permanent marker with which to label items, and so on and so forth. A drawer organizer keeps things more or less separated.

How many kitchen drawers do you have? How are they organized? What do you keep in them?


  1. I've only 3 drawers + pretty wicker basket atop the fridge subdivided for rolled kitchen towels, crocheted scrubbies DSIL likes to make & various pastry cloths. Deep, narrow drawer #1 holds 20 spice bottles mostly ethnic mixes I make up and use nearly daily. D #2 regularly used, gizmos/gadgets [veg peeler, cheese slicer, baster,spatulas, offset spreaders, knife stone, carving set,rice paddle, measure spoons/cups, bottle openers, wine saver etc.] The flippers, stir spoons, ladles,tongs, silicone spatula are corralled in a small jug on counter adjacent to the stove. The only drawer wide enough to hold a cutlery tray & adjacent to the D/W holds daily use cutlery.

    In winter I find it convenient to keep electric tools [stick & blender, bullet,, grill, mini food processor, mixer, rice cooker] in the ridiculously deep, dark, lazy susan as I'm the only user. In summer I tend to move these after use to the food pantry so guests can find them if they insist on 'helping.' My small cheat is a picnic cooler for summer only, large group gadgets & DH's BBQ tools.

    1. Sounds like you've got it all nicely organized.


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