Saturday, August 30, 2014

Together Again

Today, I drove up to Berkeley, again, to be with my daughter.  We will spend the holiday weekend together.  I brought up the rest of the items she wanted, which we couldn't fit into the car last weekend.  Things like her old pillows (the new ones we bought for her were "too fluffy" she said), a favorite wall hanging and a potted plant which she received as a gift.

It was a long 6+ hr. drive, today, partly because of the holiday travelers and partly because I had a late start.  I had planned to leave early, but discovered that a tire had low air pressure.  A trip to the tire center revealed the cause: a nail!  So, I couldn't leave on the trip until the tire was repaired.  But I was very grateful to have discovered the nail before I had a flat tire when I was on the freeway!

It was a tiring journey, but so worth it to be hugged by my daughter at the end of it!  Seems she missed me!  :D

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