Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Growing up, afternoon tea was very much a fact of life.  In fact, the day started with a cup of tea - bed tea, it was called, as we were woken up with a cup of tea, served to us while we were still in bed.  That first cup of tea was followed by several other cups of tea throughout the day, but afternoon tea was always a main stay.

When my mother was alive, we always had tea in the morning and in the evening.  Mother was not a coffee drinker; she wanted her tea. 

These days, I am much more likely to make coffee in the morning and in the evening, too.  But, every so often, we will have tea, daughter and I.  Today was one of those days.  We had gone grocery shopping, earlier in the afternoon, and bought 2 kinds of tea - Assam gold tip tea and Ceylon tea (box is labeled English tea, but the contents state Ceylon tea, packaged in Sri Lanka).   So, when daughter offered to make us a cup of tea, I happily accepted.

And so, we had afternoon tea, today, with some amaretti cookies to go with it.  The crocheted table runner shown in the photo above was made by my mother.  The china was a gift from my daughter to me on my 50th birthday.  I accidentally broke one of the cups a few weeks ago and was very sad about it, but daughter bought me a replacement cup recently, so once again, I have a complete set.

Patiently waiting nearby, was Dancer kitty, hoping for some tea time treats for him, too.
Any Tea For Me, Mummy?           


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