Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Empty Nester: Day 3

Monday was the 1st day as an empty nester, but most of it was spent driving myself home.  Yesterday (Tuesday) was Day 2.  Today is Day 3.

Still getting used to having daughter away from home.  She is getting used to being away, too.  We've been video chatting every evening.  So far, we've been able to have dinner together, she at her end and I at my end, by doing so in front of our computers.

The wonders of modern technology!  Such a blessing that we can do this and, an even more of a blessing is that she actually wants to!  Eventually, I see us doing this less and less as she gets used to being on her own, but for now, she says it makes her happy to see my "smiling face" as she puts it.  :)  Apparently, I have very long apron ties!  :D  I must admit that spending the evenings on-line with her has eased my entry into being an empty nester.

Anyone else experiencing being an empty nester?  

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