Monday, August 4, 2014

Completed Craft Projects: Pictures

The Blue Heart Sweater I Knitted

Cherry Table Runner and Cushions

Close Up of Table Runner Fabric

Table Runner


Close Up of Cushion
Pictures, as promised!  :D

I finished sewing the 2nd cushion cover, today and daughter took the pictures for me to post.  I reused 2 pillow forms I already had (bought on sale, of course), to make the cushions.

The table runner is lined with red fabric, but I forgot to turn it over to show that.  I sewed it in a way that makes it completely reversible, should she want to display a red table runner for a change.

Daughter sketched out the sweater's hearts design and I graphed the hearts on square ruled paper and used that as my knitting pattern.  The rib at the waist and wrists is a mock cable rib, which is my favorite rib - almost all the sweaters I knit have this same rib! 

Daughter bought the cherry print fabrics when they were on sale, as well.  There are 2 more cherry print fabrics, to be sewn up when we decide what to make with them, as well as the leftovers from the table runner and cushions.  I am thinking of making her a patchwork quilt with them, perhaps.  Maybe for Christmas.

Daughter is thrilled with her table runner and cushions.  And I am happy to have made them.  :)


  1. Congrats to your first post with pictures! :)

    You made pretty things for your daughter. I absolutely love the cushions!


  2. Thank you. :) The cushions turned out well, didn't they?

  3. Love my new cushions and table runner! Super cute <3

  4. Hi... Just curious, is the table runner just for decorative purpose or to be used as a placemat as well?

    1. It is mostly for decorative purposes, but it could be used as an over-size placemat, as well. Daughter doesn't have a dining table at her apartment, so the coffee table, with the table runner, serves as a dining table, too.

    2. Hi again :)

      Just had a thought... She could use the reverse side as a placemat just so it wouldn't get ruined in case of food stains etc.. The cherry print is really cheery and your work is beautiful by the way.

    3. Yes, she could use the other side as a placemat. And thank you.


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