Thursday, August 28, 2014

Empty Nester Day 4

The day started with a phone call to my daughter to wake her up!  Maybe I should call myself a long distance parent rather than an empty nester!

Then, off to the office.  I went to the bank during my lunch break and the pharmacy.  I had hoped to go to the farmers market, as well, except the weekly farmers market wasn't being held this week due to road closures in downtown.

I spent the evening video chatting with daughter, again.  Even when I had a visit from an aunt and cousin.  They were able to see and chat with daughter and get a virtual tour of her apartment!  And later, when I called another cousin. 

Daughter and I went over this week's grocery ads and she made herself a grocery list based on this week's sales.  And she cut out some coupons, too.  :) 

It's been a quiet day, but that's OK.  Quiet days are a blessing, too.

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