Sunday, August 17, 2014

This Week's Meal Plan

I'm glad I admitted that I don't always follow my meal plans in last week's meal planning post, because I didn't follow it quite as written!

There wasn't enough salmon leftover from Sunday's dinner for Monday's dinner, so I made the smoked sausage stir-fry, intended for Wednesday, on Monday, instead.  Then, on Tuesday, I made fried rice, with the leftover smoked sausages (fried rice had been on Friday's meal plan).  The ground beef I had intended for Thursday became Wednesday's dinner, made into a cottage pie with lots of veggies and a mashed potato topping.  Leftover cottage pie for Thursday's dinner as well.  Daughter had gone out to lunch on Friday and she brought me a share for my dinner; she had dinner at a friend's house.

So, the important thing is to be flexible with the meal plans.  Just because something is slated for a particular day of the week doesn't mean one can't shift things around. 

This week's meal plan will be done in a slightly different way.  I have taken a week of vacation, so there will be even more flexibility built into the meal plan; more brunches than breakfasts and lunches, for example.  I haven't gone grocery shopping yet, this weekend (will probably shop tomorrow, need to buy milk), so the meals are based on what I have in the fridge (lots of leftovers!), freezer (chicken, ground beef, salmon, smoked sausage, ham, smoked sausage), and pantry.

Here's this week's meal plan:

Brunch:  Leftovers (Chinese food) from DD's lunch out with friends, yesterday!
Tea: raisin buns and melon buns, bought from the Japanese bakery
Dinner: rice, beef curry, lentils (dhal), green beans, sauted potatoes, tomato chutney; fresh fruit for dessert (oranges, cherries, grapes, etc.)

Brunch: waffles
Tea: zucchini bread
Dinner: Leftovers 

Brunch:  French toast
Tea: Crepes, with sugar and lemon juice
Dinner: rice,  chicken curry, sauted cabbage, beetroot

Brunch: Milk rice (rice cooked with coconut milk), spicy onion relish (sambol), juggery (coconut sugar), etc. 
Dinner: Leftovers (rice, chicken curry, etc.)

Brunch: Boiled mung beans, with spicy onion relish
Tea: muffins
Dinner: rice, salmon, cashew curry, green peas, tomato chutney

Brunch: Pancakes
Tea: Muffins?  Sandwiches?
Dinner:  probably fried rice or various bits of leftovers from the week!  

Brunch: Ground beef filled puff pastry turnovers
Tea: Cake and cookies
Dinner: rice, chicken curry, tomato chutney, cucumber salad
That's the plan for the week; subject to change, of course!  Flexibility is the key, here.  I'll probably switch the meals around a bit, but that's OK.   

What are you planning to have this week?

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