Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wall Hanging/Pocket Organizer

Another newly finished craft project:

Cherry Print Pocket Wall Hanging/Organizer

There was some fabric leftover after I made the table runner and cushions for daughter.  I decided to make pockets out of them to make a hanging organizer for her.  It's on a clothes hanger (which, being white, is barely discernible against the white wall in the photo), so, it could hang from a closet rod, as well.  She's planning to hang it near her desk, which is in the living area of her studio apartment, and it will help tie in the different fabrics of the table runner and cushions.

Daughter had bought half a yard of each cherry print fabric; regularly priced at $9.99/yd., it was on sale for $5.99/yd. when she bought it, so, she paid $3 for each half yard piece.  The red fabric is regularly priced $3.99/yd., but I bought it on sale for $1/yd. after Christmas.  I had bought it intending to use for Christmas gifts, but it is proving to be very useful for making daughter's home decor items!  The wall hanging is lined with some fabric that a friend gave me, years ago.

There were two small pieces (each 4" by 14") of the cushion fabric left, still.  I made a hair bow for daughter with one piece (still have to hot glue it to a hair clip).  Haven't decided what to make with the other piece, yet.  Probably use it to trim something.

Next project: pillow cases!


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    1. Thank you, Christina. I am planning to make another one or two to give as holiday gifts.

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