Friday, August 15, 2014


This has been a long work week; a bit stressful, too, due to an issue that came up.  But that makes one even more appreciative of the end of the work week, doesn't it?  I try not to bring work home with me, although, occasionally, I have to.

It has been a busy week at home, too.  On Tuesday evening, daughter and I went to the temple to pay a visit to the monks and to make an offering of alms.  The monks chanted blessings and wished daughter well in her continued studies and future endeavors.

On Wednesday, two of daughter's friends visited her at home and spent the evening watching movies.  I made dinner for us all and did a load of dishes.

On Thursday, daughter came to the office with me and visited some of my colleagues who have known her since she was born.  We went to the nearby pharmacy to buy some vitamins and visited the weekly farmers market to buy chocolate croissants for breakfast.  After that, daughter went to meet a friend while I went back to the office.  I picked up daughter from her friend's apartment on my way home from work.  Daughter and her friend had baked chai latte cupcakes and she had brought a cupcake for me, too, for my tea.  :)

Later, I phoned a cousin and a friend and put water to the back garden.  My orange tree and one of the lemon trees were looking rather wilted.  The orange tree has another crop of oranges developing and I am anxious to give it sufficient water for the fruit to grow and ripen. 

Today, after work, I dropped daughter off at the home of some friends for Friday night movies.  

There used to be a time when Friday evenings meant ballet classes, for both daughter and me.  It meant rushing home from work, changing clothes and rushing off to class to get there in time.  But once there, it was a fun way to spend a Friday evening.  Daughter danced; I made believe.  Good times.  :)

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