Monday, September 1, 2014

Old Pillowcases

I usually find old pillowcases to be one of the most useful items to have on hand.  I reuse old pillowcases in several ways.

They come in useful to store quilts and blankets - fold the quilts or blankets and place them inside pillowcases to keep the dust out and it makes it easier to store the quilt or blanket, as well.

I use old pillowcases to cover the piano stool which is upholstered in velvet.  The cat likes to nap on the piano stool and all his fur get on the velvet upholstery.  An old pillowcase makes a quick cover for the piano stool, is easily washed and keeps the velvet relatively free of cat fur.

I also use them as garment covers to keep dust off formal wear, etc.  I cut a small opening at the seam to enable the hook part of the clothes hanger to go through and the pillowcase keeps the garment protected.

When I was growing up, pillowcases used to be hung at the end of the bed on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas to fill with gifts!  I assure you they hold a lot more than a stocking!

Pillowcases can be cut up to provide fabric for patchwork quilting.  Or to make dust cloths. 

I also use old pillowcases to make new pillow covers or protectors.  I usually make new pillow covers from old pillowcases once every couple of years.  I rip open the old pillow cover, transfer the inner filling into an old pillowcase, and sew it closed. 

And that's exactly what I did on Friday.  Daughter had bought 2 new pillows to take to her new apartment and I had used old pillowcases to sew covers for them.  But, after 1 week, daughter decided she preferred her old pillows.  So, before I brought her old pillows up to her, I decided to make new covers for them, too, with old pillowcases.  Using the old pillowcases was a frugal alternative to buying new covers for them.

So, if you have any old, faded, mismatched, worn pillowcases, consider reusing them for other purposes.  It's reusing and recycling what you have on hand and saves money as well.

Do you use old pillowcases for anything? 

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