Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday: Bread and Cheese

It's been a relatively quiet day, today.  I called daughter in the morning, to wish her good morning and to wake her up.  Then, I fed the cat, watched some morning news as I had a cup of coffee, packed my breakfast (pancakes and syrup) and lunch (fried rice) to take to the office with me, and drove myself to the office. 

I always say my devotions when I drive; only after I finish reciting my prayers do I listen to the radio or put on some music.  I am enjoying the fact that I now have a cd player in the car!  My previous car had a cassette player.  I listened to a cd of songs by Jim Reeves, today.

It was relatively quiet at the office today, as some people had the day off.  After work, I drove back home and checked to see what the gardener did on his weekly visit - today he had pruned the bottle brush tree in the back garden, at my request.

I spent the evening with daughter, video chatting on-line.  Such a marvelous invention!

Tonight, I had bread and cheese for dinner.  The bread was part of the 2nd bread roll I bought at the farmers market, yesterday.  The cheese was a gift from a cousin who visited from Australia, earlier this year.   A friend, who read yesterday's bread and honey post, mentioned she likes bread and cheese for breakfast.  Crusty bread and cheese is good any time of the day, I'm sure.

It has been a rather warm day, today, with even warmer temperatures in the forecast for the weekend. But that's typical for us in September.   

It's been a good day, today.  And now, I get to look forward to the weekend.

How has your day been?  Did you have a good day?  Do you like bread and cheese?


  1. Hi... What kind of cheese was it? I really only like cream cheese. Have you had Marmite before? So good on toast!

    1. Hi, it was a type of Kraft cheese. Yes, I've had Marmite, although I am not a fan of it. I like cream cheese, too.


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