Tuesday, September 23, 2014


A quiet day, today.  Went to work, came home and brought the trash cans in, said Hi to my neighbor across the street who asked about daughter, checked the grocery ads for this week's deals, watered the front garden, watched a favorite TV show, wrote a couple of emails, watered the houseplants, and video chatted with daughter.

Raisin buns and banana for breakfast, roast chicken and yellow rice for lunch, a strawberry/cereal bar for afternoon snack, tomato soup and roast chicken with lingonberry sauce for dinner.

I've packed 2 raisin buns for tomorrow's breakfast and more roast chicken and rice for lunch, to take to the office. 

As I said, a quiet day.  Filled with everyday blessings:  a safe commute to the office and back, friendly neighbors, dear friends, good food, a pleasant half hour spent in the garden, being able to see and talk to daughter even when we are miles apart, a purring cat coming up for cuddles, pleasant weather, etc., and so much more.

How was your day?  Did you have a quiet day, too?  I hope it was full of blessings, too.



  1. I, too, had a quiet day. This is a lovely time in my life. I am retired and single with grown children who live out of town but near enough for frequent visits. So my days are pretty much however I want them to be. I feel very blessed.

    1. It sounds like you are enjoying this time in your life. That's what is important, isn't it? To be enjoying each phase. Thank you for commenting.


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