Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The days are just whizzing by!

I was woken, this morning, by Dancer the cat insisting I give him his breakfast of a spoonful of tuna!  After which, I phoned my daughter to wake her up.  She's away from home, but we still greet each other at the start of each day and wish each other a goodnight before we go to sleep at the end of each day.  I rather like that.  :)

Then it was off to the office for me (and to classes for daughter).  Another day of heavy duty napping on the couch for the cat! 

Home again in the evening.  Feed the cat, collect the mail, listen to the messages left on the answering machine.  This evening, I watered the front garden - I prefer to water the front garden with the garden hose.  The front garden gets both southern and western exposure and full sun for most of the day.  As a result, everything is parched.

Pomegranates Ripening on the Tree
But the pomegranate tree is doing well, with fruits ripening.

Then it was time to water the back garden; I put the sprinklers on to water the back garden as it takes me an hour to water it with the garden hose.

Later, I video chat with daughter.  We catch up on our day's activities and prepare our dinners - she at her end, I at my end.

Today, my cousin called and came over with guavas from her tree - a different variety than what I have growing in my garden.  And while she was here, an aunt called to see how things were going.  Later, another aunt called both me and my daughter!  I guess today was the day for family to check up on us.  :)  Such a blessing to have caring family.

The rest of the evening has sped by.  Dinner, an e-mail to a friend, a birthday wish to another friend, more video chatting with daughter and here it is, already 11:45 p.m. and time to put away the leftovers, pack my lunch for tomorrow and get ready for bed!  Another day has whizzed by! 

Is it me, or does it seem like your days also whiz by? 


  1. Hi... Here it is 3am and I'm still on the computer! What I need is a 48-hour day!

    1. I hope you don't have to wake up early, in the morning! It would be lovely to have a 48-hour day, but then, won't we be tempted to add more things to do each day because we'd have all that extra time?


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