Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Grocery Budget

For several years now, my monthly grocery budget had been set at $150 for 2 people (daughter and I).  My grocery budget includes only food items.  Paper goods, household products, cleaning supplies, pet food and toiletries are not included (they are budgeted for separately).   Some months, I went over budget, some months, I came under budget.  When I went over budget, I reduced the following month's budget by that amount to make up for it.  When I came under budget, I carried over that amount to the next month and used it to stock up, splurge a bit, etc.

Now that daughter is away, I have decided to halve my grocery budget and set it at $75 for September.  It might be that I will have to raise it to $100, but I want to see if I can manage with $75.

Today, I stopped at the grocery store for milk (1 gallon, $3.49), soda (1 liter, $.89 + $.10 deposit), and bananas ($.69/lb); I spent a total of $5.60.   I didn't need to buy anything else because I already had enough of groceries in the freezer, fridge, and cabinets.

I didn't make a detailed meal plan for this week, partly because I was in Berkeley for the first couple of days.  I haven't really felt like cooking, either, so, I've prepared easy meals.  This week's meal plan sort of evolved over the week:

Breakfasts: cereal
Lunches: sourdough bread and cheese(Tues); leftover rice and sausages (Wed.), leftover pizza from the weekend (Thurs.), fried rice (Fri.)
Monday - rice, smoked sausages & mixed bell peppers stir fry, lentil curry
Tuesday - rice, smoked sausages, mixed vegetables (carrots, celery, corn, green peas, bell peppers, onions)
Wednesday - tomato soup, sourdough bread
Thursday - tomato soup, sourdough bread
Friday - ground beef cooked with onions, carrots, celery; rice
Snacks - fruit (apples and bananas from the grocery store; pomegranates and guavas from the garden); spicy fried snack mixture from the Indian store; crackers
Desserts - Chocolate, cookies.

Do you have a grocery budget?   Does it include only food items or does it include pet food, household & cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc?

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